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Showcase the success of any GitHub repo or user with these simple, static buttons with dynamic counts.
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GitHub Buttons Build Status Total alerts

Showcase your GitHub (repo's) success with these static buttons featuring links to your GitHub repo or profile page and up-to-date watch, fork, sponsor, and follower counts.

To get started, checkout!

Bug tracker

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Clone the project and install dependencies before getting started. GitHub Buttons require Node.js, Ruby, and Bundler for local development.

npm i
bundle i

The GitHub buttons source code is split across three files in src/—the HTML, CSS, and JS. We use inline-source-cli and html-minifer to include it all in the compiled docs/github-btn.html file. To build this file:

npm run build

The site is built with Jekyll. After installing the dependencies, you can run a local server:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Open to browse locally.

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Mark Otto

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014-2020 Mark Otto. Released under Apache 2.0.

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