Userstyle for making all of GitHub completely fluid.
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Wide GitHub

Userstyle for making all of GitHub completely fluid.


Well, we just shipped split diffs—hell yeah!—and now only part of the site is fluid. This makes it all fluid with just a bunch of CSS.


I work at GitHub. This repo comes with absolutely no promise of an official full-width interface GitHub. No such project is under way, and as you'll find with this userstyle, it's not as simple as just adding more CSS. That said, enjoy!

How to use

Install a userstyle manager for your favorite browser:

Then, copy-pasta the styles from github-wide.css into a new userstyle. Be sure to specify that it apply to sites beginning with*.

In addition, you can apply styles from gist-wide.css to sites beginning with*.

If you use the Stylish addon on Chrome or Firefox you can find one-click installs including automatic updates via the packages below.

Bug reports

Open an issue or submit a pull request, please.


Licensed under MIT and copyright @mdo.