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Command line utility for running argo proxies.
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Argod: Run proxies on the command line!

Simple utility that is callable via argod and will allow you to run exported proxies.

Getting Started

  1. Create your proxy
var argo = require("argo");

module.exports = argo().target("");
  1. Save it to a file.
  2. Run it with argod argod -p 4000 index.js


 Usage: argod [options] [proxy_file]


      -h, --help                 output usage information
      -V, --version              output the version number
      -p, --port [port]          Port to run your proxy on. Default: 3000
      -h, --hostname [hostname]  Hostname for proxy to listen on. Default: Localhost
      -b, --backlog              Backlog setting.
      -c, --cert [cert]          Certificate setting. Required for SSL
      -k, --key [key]            Key setting. Required for SSL
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