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Martin C. Doege

    Python 2 0


    Various biorhythm scripts for Python 2 and 3 (monthly and yearly charts, compatibility, etc.)

    Updated Mar 4, 2016

    Python 1 0


    Extended birthday and daily preview/advice mode tables for the 1970s Coleco Zodiac astrology computer

    Updated Mar 2, 2016

    Logos 0 2


    My Minetest subgame, particularly suited for my Stampy map. Tested with v6 and v7 mapgens. If you experience crashes, delete the railcorridors mod.

    Updated Jan 26, 2016

    Python 0 0


    Helper scripts for the MT-GitSync mod database. Mainly scan_new_mods is used to scan the MT forum for new stuff.

    Updated Jan 17, 2016

    Python 6 2


    A GUI Python utility for downloading and updating GitHub-based Minetest mods

    Updated Jan 15, 2016

    Python 0 2


    forked from loganfsmyth/pinball

    Batman-themed Python 2 pinball game in OpenGL

    Updated Jan 9, 2016

    Python 13 1


    Python 3.3+ version of NewsFeed, an RSS/Atom news aggregator

    Updated Oct 7, 2015

    Python 6 5


    forked from forrestv/python-openal

    A Python/Tk soundscape tool for relaxation

    Updated Jun 3, 2015

    Logos 0 1


    Stampy game with Unified Inventory

    Updated Jun 2, 2015


    forked from PilzAdam/nether

    Nether mod for Minetest, as used on my Stampy map. This fork has a MC-like large cavern around the portal and lava lake below.

    Updated May 9, 2015

    Logos 1 1


    Custom mobs mod for the Minetest "Stampy's world" map ( An improved version is also included in stampy_game.

    Updated Apr 16, 2015


    Build script for Minetest on OS X, now mostly depracated in favor of nightly builds; binaries at available at:

    Updated Apr 14, 2015

    Java 1 1


    2009 6.6/6.7 version of the JavaCPC Amstrad CPC emulator with source code. No audio issues on Linux, unlike some later versions. The main class is src/jemu/ui/ original JEMU source is also included in jemu-src.

    Updated Mar 29, 2015

    Python 0 1


    forked from AndrejIT/map_unexplore

    Remove map blocks from Minetest SQLite database

    Updated Mar 19, 2015


    Backup JavaCPC 2.9, an Amstrad CPC emulator. Works on OS X and Windows.

    Updated Mar 12, 2015


    forked from minetest/minetest

    Old Minetest binaries for OS X. You will probably want to use OS X nightly builds instead.

    Updated Feb 24, 2015

    Python 76 17


    A simple music synthesizer in Python

    Updated Jan 3, 2015

    Python 10 2


    Enhanced version of the Grail web browser, e.g. with Gopher and HTTPS support and SVG display (via Inkscape)

    Updated Dec 30, 2014

    Shell 5 1


    Makes the Linux virtual console look like the Commodore AmigaOS shell (formerly hosted at )

    Updated May 14, 2014

    Python 3 4


    A newsmapper for xplanet, OSXplanet, or standalone mode

    Updated Apr 4, 2014


    forked from PilzAdam/throwing

    Bows and arrows mod for Minetest-c55 (teleportation arrow behavior has been changed)

    Updated Feb 27, 2014


    forked from cornernote/minetest-particles

    Creates 3D textured particles that scatter in random directions after digging nodes.

    Updated Feb 27, 2014


    Sunclock 3.57 (not written by me; formerly hosted at

    Updated Feb 6, 2014


    Diff between two editions of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. (This is linked from the Wikipedia article.)

    Updated Dec 25, 2013


    forked from jsmess/jsmess

    Fork of JSMESS with added Amstrad CPC 6128 Makefiles

    Updated Oct 14, 2013


    English translation of "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann

    Updated Sep 21, 2013

    Python 23 14


    forked from MaxMorais/grailbrowser

    A Web Browser in Python written in the 1990s by Guido van Rossum. Works in Python 2.7. Also see my "Trail" repo for an enhanced version. And check out vadmium's fork if you are interested in the CVS repo history.

    Updated Jun 18, 2013

    Python 3 0


    Single-process version of NewsFeed. Only needed for older versions of Python 2 without the multiprocessing module. Also useful for low-power machines like the Raspberry Pi.

    Updated Aug 2, 2012

    Python 4 1


    RSS aggregator in Python 2/Tk. Now mostly superseded by 3NewsFeed, the version for Python 3.

    Updated Aug 2, 2012

    Python 1 0


    A simulation of the discontinued TIX LED clock for the *nix terminal (Python 2 or 3 required)

    Updated Jan 8, 2011

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