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Primary name source of the GBIF Backbone 2013

Source Names
The Catalogue of Life, 3rd January 2011 2275479
Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera 633839
International Plant Names Index 597619
Index Fungorum 287971
World Register of Marine Species 184257
Fauna Europaea 112305
Integrated Taxonomic Information System 64263
NUB Generator [autonym] 63460
Paleobiology Database 41689
IRMNG Homonym List 37432
Euro+Med Plantbase 14275
The National Checklist of Taiwan 12298
The Clements Checklist 11389
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 10914
Afromoths, online datbase of Afrotropical moth species (Lepidoptera) 10861
GRIN Taxonomy for Plants 9047
Belgian Species List 8972
Psocodea Species File 6612
Mammal Species of the World, 3rd edition 4885
Catalogue of Afrotropical Bees 4695
Endemic species in Taiwan 3920
Orthoptera Species File 3744
Coreoidea Species File 3396
NUB Generator [implicit canonical] 3129
Aphid Species File 3026
Dermaptera Species File 2637
Database of Vascular Plants of Canada (VASCAN) 1307
IOC World Bird Names 684
Plecoptera Species File 542
ICTV Master Species List 342
Phasmida Species File 308
Mantodea Species File 275
Blattodea Species File 251
World Typhlocybinae database 247
Coleorrhyncha Species File 101
Embioptera Species File 97
True Fruit Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) of the Afrotropical Region 27
COA Wildlife Conservation List 25
Taiwanese IUCN species list 24
Invasive Alien Species in Belgium - HARMONIA database 2