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Liberal Arts Data Science Workshop

This repo contains slides from panels and talks from Liberal Arts Data Science Workshop that took place Jan 12-13, 2018 at New College of Florida.

Jan 12

Multivariate thinking and the introductory statistics and data science course: preparing students to make sense of a world of observational data Talk by Nicholas Horton

Writing in the introductory statistics course Talk by KB Boomer

Panel Discussion Statistics in the data science curriculum moderated by Mine Dogucu. Panelists: KB Boomer, Richard De Veaux, Nicholas Horton, Adam Loy

Projects first in an interdisciplinary data science curriculum by Jessen Havill

Experiences with big data analytics in the clinic and the classroom at Harvey Mudd College Talk by Weiqing Gu

Panel Discussion Computer Science in the data science curriculum moderated by Gary Kalmanovich. Panelists: Jessen Havill, Dennis F.X. Mathaisel, Julie Medero, Imad Rahal

Jan 13

Incorporating student projects in the introductory statistics classes Talk by Katherine Halvorsen

Data Science Projects in the Florida Panthers Organization Talk by Brian Macdonald

Panel Discussion Solving other people's problems moderated by David Gillman. Panelists: Richard De Veaux, Weiqing Gu, Nicholas Horton, Brian Macdonald

The role of visualization capacity building in data science Talk by Vetria Byrd

It may be deep, but is it learning? Talk by George Cobb

Panel Discussion Educating data-literate citizens moderated by Melissa Crow. Panelists: Vetria Byrd, Manolis Kaparakis, Julie Medero, Jeff Witmer


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