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Version 1.9.2 Apache License 2.0

Did your source code get polluted by scattered ^M's ?

Endlines smartly converts text files from and to the following line ending conventions : Unix/Apple (LF), Windows (CRLF) and legacy Apple (CR).

endlines unix *
  • No need to know about the source files' convention. Multiple conventions can be mixed within a single file.
  • Straightforward syntax for multiple files and recursion into directories. Hidden files and directories are skipped by default (you don't want to mess with your .git, do you ?)
  • Binary files will be detected and skipped by default, according to a filter based on both file extension and file content.
  • Files' last access and last modified time stamps can be preserved.
  • UTF-8 files, UTF-16 with BOM as well as all single byte encodings will be treated well. However, UTF-32 is not supported (files will be seen as binary and left untouched).
  • Whether converting or checking, a report is given on the original state of line endings that were found.
    $ endlines check -r .
    endlines : dry run, scanning files

    endlines : 6431 files checked ; found :
                  - 142 No line ending
                  - 1 Legacy Mac (CR)
                  - 6250 Unix (LF)
                  - 37 Windows (CR-LF)
                  - 1 Mixed endings
               2403 binaries skipped
               480 hidden files skipped

Full help screen :

    endlines ACTION [OPTIONS] [FILES]
    ACTION can be :
      lf, unix, linux, osx    : convert all endings to LF.
      crlf, windows, win, dos : convert all endings to CR-LF.
      cr, oldmac              : convert all endings to CR.
      check                   : perform a dry run to check current conventions.
    If no files are specified, endlines converts from stdin to stdout.
    Supports UTF-8, UTF-16 with BOM, and all major single byte codesets.
    General   -f / --final    : add final EOL if none.
              -q / --quiet    : silence all but the error messages.
              -v / --verbose  : print more about what's going on.
              --version       : print version and license.
    Files     -b / --binaries : don't skip binary files.
              -h / --hidden   : process hidden files (/directories) too.
              -k / --keepdate : keep last modified and last access times.
              -r / --recurse  : recurse into directories.
    Examples  endlines check *.txt
              endlines linux -kr aFolder anotherFolder

Easy installation

The download page offers ready-to-eat options for Linux and Apple users.

Compile your own

  • Local install : make; make test ; if satisfied, move the endlines executable to your local path.
  • Global install : make; make test; sudo make install will put an endlines executable in /usr/local/bin.

Endlines is known to have been compiled and run out of the box on Apple OSX, several Linux distributions and IBM AIX. I provide support for all POSIX compliant operating sytems. I won't provide any support for Windows, but pull requests dealing with it will be welcome.


In particular to :

  • @imalic3 for reporting a bug in a early dev version
  • @hansaya for patiently guiding me towards AIX friendliness
  • @uuencode for finding a critical bug in 1.6.2
  • @ethicalbanker for spotting an inability to compile on OSX
  • @biziclop for providing an OSX binary