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@@ -45,11 +45,11 @@ configured and there are integration tests that test the full request/response l
1. Spec files live in sub-directories under Specs/ appropriate to the layer the code under test belongs to
1. UISpec executes Specs via categories. Adding the `UISpec` category to your spec class definition will cause it to be picked up and executed.
1. Specs begin with "it" and should be camel-cased descriptive. i.e. itShouldConsiderA200ResponseSuccessful
-1. UISpec expectations are implemented via the `expectThat` macro:
+1. Expectations are provided using OCHamcrest. Details of the matchers are available on the [OCHamcrest Github Page]( Generally the matchers are of the form:
- [expectThat([someObject someMethod]) should:be(YES)];
- There is a corresponding `shouldNot` method available as well.
-1. The RKSpecEnvironment.h header includes a number of helpers.
+ assertThat([someObject someMethod], is(equalTo(@"some value")));
+ There is a corresponding `isNot` method available as well.
+1. The RKSpecEnvironment.h header includes a number of helpers for initializing and configuring a clean testing environment.
1. OCMock is available for mock objects support. See []( for details
### Writing Integration Tests
@@ -101,9 +101,9 @@ Let's take a look at an example of how to use the response loader to test some f
client.password = @"INVALID";
[client get:@"/authentication/basic" delegate:loader];
[loader waitForResponse];
- [expectThat([loader.response isOK]) should:be(NO)];
- [expectThat([loader.response statusCode]) should:be(0)];
- [expectThat([loader.failureError code]) should:be(NSURLErrorUserCancelledAuthentication)];
+ assertThatBool([loader.response isOK], is(equalToBool(NO)));
+ assertThatInt([loader.response statusCode], is(equalToInt(0)));
+ assertThatInt([loader.failureError code], is(equalToInt(NSURLErrorUserCancelledAuthentication)));
That's really all there is to it. Consult the existing test code in Specs/ for reference.
@@ -108,6 +108,6 @@ If you want to contribute documentation, the process is simple:
1. Edit the headers in Code/ and regenerate the docs via `rake docs`
1. Repeat the editing and reload cycle until your are happy.
1. Commit the code and push to Github
-1. Submit a Pull Request to the Two Toasters branch on Github at:
+1. Submit a Pull Request to the RestKit repository on Github at:
You may want to coordinate your efforts via the mailing list to ensure nobody else is working on documentation in the same place.

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