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A devpi resource for Concourse CI
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Devpi Resource

A Concourse CI resource to track packages from the devpi server.

Source Configuration

  • uri: Required. The base URI of the devpi server.
  • index: Required. The package index in the form user/name.
  • package: Required. The pacakge to track.
  • username: Optional. The username for logging in (Required for out)
  • password: Optional. The password for logging in (Required for out)
  • versioning: Optional. The versioning scheme. Can be one of 'loose' (the default) or 'semantic'.


Resource configuration:

- name: my-package
  type: devpi
    index: foo/dev
    package: my-package-name
    username: user
    password: passwd
    versioning: semantic

Fetching a package:

- get: my-package

Pushing a local pacakge to the server:

- put: my-package
  params: {fileglob: "*.whl"}

The package to upload would usually be produced in a previous task of the job, e.g. by running python bdis_wheel. So a minimal job for uploading a package to your devpi-server would look like

- name: package
  - get: repo
    trigger: true
  - get: builder-image
  - task: build-package
    file: repo/ci/tasks/build-package.yml
    image: builder-image

whereas the build-package.yml could look like

platform: linux
- {name: repo}
- {name: wheel}
  path: ci/scripts/
  dir: repo
  args: [../wheel]

and your like this


python bdist_wheel -d ${1}


check: Check for new versions

The devpi server will be queried for new versions of the specified package.

in: Pull a package from the devpi server

Downloads the package to the destination


  • version: Optional. Pull this specific version of the package instead of the newest.

out: Push a package to the devpi server


  • file: Specifiy a concrete package filename to push to the server.
  • fileglob: Specifiy a glob-pattern for matching files in the destination directory to be pushed to the server. The matched files are sorted alphanumerically and the "newest" is selected.
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