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09c054d @akinspe updated change log and read me
akinspe authored
1 1.5 (Aug 1, 2012)
e6481d3 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
2 * Version 1.5 is released under the Lesser GNU Public License v2.1
3 * NEW MODULE : Social. Show feeds from facebook and Twitter
4 * Created ShellModule to create modules that run on the command line (UNIX only at this time)
5 * Kurogo shell modules have been created that can fetch public feed data in the background. See dev guide for setting up automatic fetching
ce371c5 @akinspe updated documentation
akinspe authored
6 * Kurogo will load libraries and configuration from the shared site directory to reduce code duplication
e6481d3 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
7 * It is possible to change which module is the home module
8 * CACHE_LIFETIME is now respected
9 * New XML Parser (SimpleXMLDataParser) makes it easier to parse simple XML documents
10 * Improved the Calendar Detail page
11 * More configurability of Map Module behavior
12 * robots.txt file is now dynamic and modules can specify whether they should permit robot scraping
13 * Enabled pagination of people results
14 * Most module's library files are now included in the module's "lib" folder
15 * Add Shibboleth authentication authority (requires a shibboleth SP installed on the Kurogo Server)
16 * Tablet Panes are now loaded Asynchronously
ce371c5 @akinspe updated documentation
akinspe authored
17 * Updated handling of stats information to improve stats module performance. See dev guide for important migration information
e6481d3 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
18 * Improved tablet interface for Photos (issue 57, 58)
d09bd6e @akinspe updated documentation
akinspe authored
19 * Added ability to retrieve data using the cURL library
e6481d3 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
20 * Federated search can be disabled
21 * A custom user class can be specified in Authentication configurations eliminating the need to create a custom authority
22 * Improved styling of spring board to accomodate devices of various sizes
23 * More informative error messages when required PHP extensions are not avaialable
24 * Support for Co-Ed sports in Athletics module (issue 56)
25 * The people module will perform exact searches for names less than 3 characters (to prevent too many results)
26 * ArcGIS data feed results can be sorted
27 * KurogoReader now utilizes the URLDataRetriver and therefore respects proxy and other settings
28 * Fixes for pagination in Flickr feeds
29 * Removed suport for Percent Mobile (service is ending)
30 * Proper handling of calendars where the time zone is different than the server time zone (issue 53)
ce371c5 @akinspe updated documentation
akinspe authored
31 * The MySQL DB class will now connect to hosts without a password (strongly discouraged except in dev environments)
e6481d3 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
f09be88 @akinspe updated version for 1.4.1
akinspe authored
33 1.4.1 (Apr 27, 2012)
34 * Fixed issues with Drupal Contacts
35 * Many fixes for maps module
36 * More flexibility for propertly handling HTML tags in RSS feeds
37 * Fixed several issues with custom LDAP searching
38 * Responses that contain errors will no longer be cached
39 * Clean whitespace from calendar feeds
40 * Some non-standard time zones are now recognized
41 * Initialization arguments are now passed to the DataResponse object
42 * Add previous/next buttons when browsing Photos
43 * Fixes for searching phone numbers in people module
44 * Fixes for athletics icons
45 * Fixed links found when FETCH_CONTENT is used if the url is redirected
46 * Redirects are now given SEO friendly HTTP status codes
45e32d8 @akinspe updated version numbers
akinspe authored
48 1.4 (Mar 4, 2012)
12d765f @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
49 * NEW MODULE: Photos. Show photos from Flickr or Picassa
50 * NEW MODULE: Athletics. Show news and score information
e2c4980 @akinspe updated files for 1.4 RC1 release
akinspe authored
51 * Updated map module interface
12d765f @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
52 * Fixed various encoding related options to more reliably indicate the output encoding (UTF-8 by default)
53 * Any option in the module [feeds] section will be added to each feed when using loadFeedData()
54 * Added support for more types of recurring events
55 * If you need to use RSS in your custom module, then you should include the RSS package
56 * Federated search will be asynchronous in supported devices
57 * Do not put : before ? in urls because it causes problems with apache on windows
58 * Calendar: Various fixes for date formatting and also workarounds for Windows servers
59 * You can define an alert banner to show on the home screen. (See Dev guide for more info)
e2c4980 @akinspe updated files for 1.4 RC1 release
akinspe authored
60 * Added option to fetch RSS content if there is not full text in the feed
61 * Most of the theme colors and options can now be easily customized by editing the config.ini in the theme folder. This requires copying either the default or hi-def themes from Universitas
12d765f @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
62 * Added option to save user credentials at login
63 * Added basic encryption functions to Kurogo object (requires mcrypt support)
64 * Add support for theme config variables to be references in CSS via @@@variable_name@@@ Note that changing variables requires deleting the minify cache for now
65 * Added new DataModel/DataRetriever access classes. This permits simpler creation of new data retrieval methods including support for SOAP and Database calls. (See Dev guide for more info)
66 * Added support for in-memory caching using APC or Memcache
e2c4980 @akinspe updated files for 1.4 RC1 release
akinspe authored
67 * Many other fixes and improvements to the included modules
72492b8 @akinspe updated version information for RC2
akinspe authored
68 Since 1.4RC1
69 * Visual Updates to Map module
70 * Allow limited filtering of LDAP data
71 * Fixed parse error in SOAP retriever
72 * Added option in news to remove duplicate items
73 * Added ability to retrieve the most popular calendar categories for a feed
74 * Updated device detection
75 * Added support for monthly recurring events
c87ad64 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
c8bbe57 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
77 1.3 (Oct 13, 2011)
68248a0 @akinspe updated version history
akinspe authored
78 * IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading to 1.3, please clear your SITE_DIR/cache folder. It is critical to remove at least the minify and smarty folders so they can get rebuilt.
79 * The REST API has now reached 1.0 status
80 * Kurogo is now localized. version 1.3 only includes English values. See user guide for more information on localization
81 * Kurogo can now host multiple sites. The Multi-site option allows for multiple sites to be hosted on the same server. See user guide for more information.
b1fc86b @akinspe ensure exceptions have the proper backtrace
akinspe authored
82 * An updated logging facility has been created to include logging messages in Kurogo. Please see the documentation for more information.
83 * The internal statistics engine has been overhauled. Kurogo requires a database to log page views. See the documentation for more information.
68248a0 @akinspe updated version history
akinspe authored
84 * The Map module has been significantly updated. Support for directions, arbitrary addresses and UI improvements among other improvements
c87ad64 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
85 * The internal device detection system now uses a JSON formatted file. The SQLite database has been deprecated.
68248a0 @akinspe updated version history
akinspe authored
86 * includePackage now has a "subpackage" parameter for further organization
87 * Added formButton and formSubmitbutton templates
88 * (Calendar) Support for more types of recurring events (Thanks to Adam Franco)
89 * (Content) Added support for grouping pages (Thanks to Ebrahim Kobeissi)
90 * (News) If your news feed does not have full content, you can add a "read more" link by setting SHOW_LINK=1 in your feed configuration
91 * By setting URL_BASE you can now host Kurogo in any location (including virtual directories in IIS)
92 * You can now change the module id that gets located by including the "id" parameter in the module.ini file. Does not require creating an empty class file
93 * Fixed an issue in RSS parsing when there is no GUID is the feed (#24)
94 * Fix bug where inline css and javascript were being loaded with the wrong user agent (#25)
95 * It is possible to provide another template file for results and navlist templates (set $listItemTemplate)
96 * Added suport for Percent Mobile Analytics
97 * You can now use a YouTube playlist as a source for video entries
98 * Many other minor bug fixes and improvements
c87ad64 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
99 * Fixed an issue when using the admin module while being logged in
c8bbe57 @akinspe updated change log
akinspe authored
100 * Non standard timezones in calendar feeds are handled better
101 * There is now an option to show the distance to nearby points
102 * Do not permit stats module when stats is disabled
103 * Added support for CAS authentication
104 * Various fixes for PHP 5.2
105 * Many tablet improvements
106 * Ability to use HMAC style password hashes in database auth
107 * Fixed an issue with formatting events that are all day events
108 * Fixed some issues with device detection patterns
109 * You can use LDAP fields (like cn) for fullname
110 * Fixed a visual issue with calendar list style
68248a0 @akinspe updated version history
akinspe authored
0e5f88d @akinspe updated CHANGELOG and versions for 1.2
akinspe authored
112 1.2 (July 19)
25d341e @akinspe updated changelog and version numbers for 1.2
akinspe authored
113 * IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading to 1.2, please clear your SITE_DIR/cache folder. It is critical to remove at least the minify and smarty folders so they can get rebuilt.
114 * (People) Added support for categorizing static contacts into groups
115 * (Links) Added support for categorizing links into groups
0e5f88d @akinspe updated CHANGELOG and versions for 1.2
akinspe authored
116 * Added support and instructions for installation under IIS Web Server
25d341e @akinspe updated changelog and version numbers for 1.2
akinspe authored
117 * Vastly streamlined default theme with updated theme documentation.
118 * Significant documentation improvements and updates
119 * Added established pattern for linking to and receiving data from other modules (See Dev guide for more info)
120 * Added support for adding custom headers to DataController subclasses
121 * Added support for custom timeouts for DataController subclasses
122 * Added support for alternate HTTP methods (POST, etc) in DataController subclasses
123 * Added readIfFresh method to DiskCache class
124 * Session handling is now abstracted to ease with custom session handling
125 * Modules can now present dynamic data on the home screen when DYNAMIC_MODULE_NAV_DATA is enabled (see Dev guide for more info)
126 * Added DataResponse object which encapsulates the HTTP response to ease Data Controllers to parse response headers or status codes
127 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: If you use the Google calendar controllers to show person calendars or resources, the config format has been updated. (See Dev guide for more info)
128 * Various fixes to css and templates for minor rendering issues
129 * Cache files now have more restrictive permissions
130 * Refactored OAuth flow to permit authorization independently of the authentication authority.
131 * DataParsers now have a reference to their parent data controller
132 * Added ADPeopleController to simplify active directory searching.
133 * Added Kurogo::siteTimezone() method to centralize timezone handling
134 * Fix for Admin module in Windows servers (due to bad url in addInternalJavascript)
135 * Fix for twitter sharing
136 * Various fixes for encoding and escaping HTML values
137 * Handle error conditions with external device detection
138 * The admin interface can (mostly) be used with tablets. There are some known issues.
139 * Fixed issues with stats module reporting inconsistent stats (#18)
140 * quote the delimiter in map search tokens (#22)
141 * Added Kurogo::tempDirectory() that falls back on system temp directory if not defined
142 * Use Kurogo::includePackage() to include packages
143 * Added a example site-production.ini file to show example production values
144 * Various issues that were present with E_STRICT on have been fixed
145 * A XSS Vulnerability in the video module has been fixed
146 * The Stats module now reports the list of API modules properly
0e5f88d @akinspe updated CHANGELOG and versions for 1.2
akinspe authored
147 * Added option for Data Parsers to receive a file string and use parseFile instead of parseData
148 * Sanitize breadcrumb parameters
149 * getArg method will now accept filter_var() filters and options to filter/sanitize user input
150 * Fixed an issue with removing a news feed that isn't the last in the admin console
151 * Fixed an issue where errors in LDAP searching don't show
152 * Fixed a regression in video search
153 * Fixed an issue with clearstatcache() under PHP 5.2
154 * Added option to disable modules using the site.ini file. This allows you to permanently disable modules and remove their config folders
155 * Fixed a title mismatch when sharing videos
156 * (Video) Use HTML5 for YouTube viewing on Android devices
157 * (Video) Use streaming URL for YouTube viewing on Blackberry devices
158 * (Video) Added ability for video provider controllers to specify playability based on device classification
159 * (Video) Fixed an issue with selecting feeds on Windows Phone 7
160 * (Links) You can reference a link group in a group
161 * (Map) Fixed CSS for tablet devices
25d341e @akinspe updated changelog and version numbers for 1.2
akinspe authored
163 1.1 (June 1)
cf41ea3 @akinspe updated documentation, CHANGELOG and README for Version 1.1
akinspe authored
164 * IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading to 1.1, please clear your SITE_DIR/cache folder. It is critical to remove at least the minify and smarty folders so they can get rebuilt.
165 * Added location services to Map Module so closest campus appears on the top
166 * Fixed an issue with exception handling and PHP 5.2
167 * Added setRefresh() method to enable modules to refresh the page
168 * Download module can now be configured to show links for any platform
169 * Various sections (including news/video feeds, links and others) in the admin console can now be reordered
170 * Refactored LDAPPeopleController. If you have a subclass of LDAPPeopleController it may need to be updated
171 * Added class information to people detail. This allow themes to add CSS styling depending on the field
172 * Updated Smarty to 3.0.7
173 * Updated template handling to deal with situations where a the most specific template was not being used. Requires rebuilding smarty and minify caches
174 * Fixed an issue with creating ini files from default
175 * Added Vimeo Video controller
176 * Fixed an issue for KML files without a <Document> tag
177 * LDAP results are now sorted by lastname, firstname. If your LDAP directory does not use (sn/givenname) then you will need to update SORTFIELDS in your people/feeds.ini file
178 * Added Site Maintenance section of admin console, including action to clear caches
179 * Incorporated the initialize functions into the singleton Kurogo object. You should no longer use the $GLOBALS['siteConfig'] or $GLOBALS['deviceClassifier'] but rather Kurogo::siteConfig() and Kurogo::deviceClassifier
180 * issue #2 - Map drop down box was broken)
181 * Map module will now go straight to a feed if there is only 1 group and 1 feed
182 * Added DURATION parsing to iCalendar
183 * issue #6 - Form action urls are now prepended with the URL prefix if necessary)
184 * issue #4 - Text values that contain a file reference constant are now properly handled by the admin console
185 * A link tag was added so that android devices should now an icon when adding to the home screen
186 * issue #7 - Content module should only try and load ID if HTML_ID is non-blank.
187 * Content module - Added HTML_TAG to use an array of html tags from content
188 * issue #8 - fixed a problem that prevented some values from being saved in the admin console properly
189 * Fixed a variable typo in the map module that prevent photos from showing in basic/touch page types
190 * Fixed an issue that occurred when users saved their login information, but it was forgotten after re-logging in
191 * Refactored the Google Authentication authority so it uses the OpenID+OAuth hybrid. This may require configuration updates for sites that need to consume Google data (and not just authenticate)
192 * For Modules that are instances/copies of other modules, also load in their CSS/Javascript if present in addition to the parent Javascript/CSS
193 * The "page" of the module is now added as a class on the body element
194 * Fixed an error that could cause google calendar items to be inappropriately cached
195 * Webmodule->setPageTitles() now sets the breadcrumb titles
196 * Google Authentication should now work on https sites
197 * jquery library can be specified by version, updated default version to 1.8.11
198 * updated iScroll library to 4.0
199 * better error handling in the tablet home interface
200 * the site will redirect the hostname to lower case to promote consistency (some browsers already do this automatically)
201 * Fixes for windows phone 7
202 * YouTube videos should no longer appear stretched
203 * People can now be bookmarked in the people module
204 * Added DatabasePeopleController that allows directory information to be drawn from a supported database
205 * Updated internal device database
206 * Added support for OAuth providers that require manual verification
207 * Added support for PLAINTEXT OAuth signatures
208 * Updated the detection of device orientation
209 * Added option to fail when attempting to load SQLite database files if they do not exist (rather than creating them)
210 * Various fixes to Map KML Parsing
211 * Allowed hiding federated search form if desired through SHOW_FEDERATED_SEARCH option in home module
212 * issue #9 - Escape URLs on error page to protect against XSS based attacks
213 * Allow enabling/disabling of showing the bookmark/sharing buttons on various modules
214 * Handle the lack of SQLite support better when using internal device detection
215 * Fixed issue with login form
216 * Fixed an edge case bug with people detail
217 * Added ability to assign the URL generated by the people module to a function
218 * Added ability to send DataController requests through an HTTP proxy
219 * People Module: search tip is now a configurable value
220 * Session object is now part of Kurogo class
221 * If possible, the existing server cache will be used for data controller requests if the data cannot be retrieved
222 * There is now a links pane for the tablet UI
223 * The page title for the "index" page will be used if set for the <title> on a module's index page. This permits the ability to set a page title on the home module and affect the <title> for the site home page
224 * Fixed a bug that prevented images from loading from a site folder (thanks to conover at UCF)
225 * Added more control of when the login box shows by using a SHOW_LOGIN property in a module's config file
226 * Double quotes are now handled properly in config files (#10)
227 * Federated search placeholder is shown properly (#11)
228 * Added options to to declare LDAP fields when searching
021ee18 @akinspe updated version and changelog for Kurogo 1.0
akinspe authored
230 1.0 (April 8)
231 * KNOWN ISSUE: YouTube Videos may appear stretched on iOS devices in the detail page. This is not code contained in Kurogo, but has been acknowledged by Google.
232 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Access Control List files and format has changed. See documentation for more info.
233 * Fixed issue with external device detection
234 * Numerous updates to documentation
235 * Added additional API modules and updates
236 * Numerous updates and refinements to Admin console.
237 * Updated login UX
238 * Fixed an issue when there are 0 search results in YouTube
239 * Fixed an issue with Facebook authentication
240 * Make sure platform is set on error message
241 * You can now use navListClass to add a css class to nav lists and listClass to add class to individual li's in a navlist
242 * Fixed issues with Video searching that would not use tag/author settings
243 * <pre> tags are now stripped from News content
244 * Refined video search results
245 * Consolidated bookmarking code
246 * Fixed an issue with Twitter sharing
247 * Various visual updates for Tablet UI
248 * Do not show blackberry download link if it has not been defined in the download module
249 * Added tablet interfaces for Video and Emergency
250 * Added new "crimson" theme to demonstrate color changes
251 * Updated icon set
b42f9e9 @akinspe updated links documentation. updated changelog for RC2
akinspe authored
253 1.0 Release Candidate 2 (March 30)
254 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The format of the links configuration has changed to be more compatibile with the admin console. See example site for details
255 * fixed bug when searching calendars
256 * fixed a bug with PasswdAuthentication
257 * Added additional API modules and updates
258 * Added Federated search to Video Module
259 * News feeds, calendar feeds, people data and links can now be administered in the admin console
a5b51d6 @akinspe updated various files for 1.0RC1
akinspe authored
261 1.0 Release Candidate 1 (March 25)
262 * NOTE: There will be no more incompatible changes for the 1.0 Version of Kurogo Mobile Web. API Modules may have further changes.
263 * MAJOR INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The base project config.ini file has been renamed to kurogo.ini
264 * MAJOR INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The base site config.ini file has been renamed to site.ini
265 * MAJOR INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: All configuration values MUST be located in a ini section.
266 * Site strings have been moved to the [strings] section, if you have an existing site, please update this
267 * Basic module config values have been moved to the [module] section
268 * NEW MODULE/FEATURE: The admin console has been overhauled. It is only viewable on modern desktop browsers. It will be updated with new capabilities before final 1.0 release.
269 * NEW MODULE: Admissions module is an example of using the content module to grab content from an HTML site
270 * NEW ABSTRACT MODULE: Url module. Fullweb module has been updated to be an instance of the URL module
271 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Retrieving configuration values has been updated. Please see the configuration section of the developer documentation for details if you are writing modules.
272 * NEW FEATURE: Various API modules for support for REST based API calls (used by native apps)
273 * NEW FEATURE: Added ability to duplicate a module's behavior while using a separate url/config folder. See developer documentation for details
274 * NEW FEATURE: Themes now have a config file to store certain values (like image dimensions)
275 * Content module has standard CSS
276 * Packages can now be loaded from site folders
277 * Various fixes for tablet UI
278 * Events are returned in start time order
279 * Video results are now sorted by publish date (for tags and authors) or relevance (searches)
280 * Added SHOW_IMAGES config value for news feeds to allow suppression of thumbnail images.
281 * Added setUserData() method on user objects to allow storing of persistent data
282 * LDAPDataController has been renamed to LDAPPeopleController
283 * Added SECURE_REQUIRED site configuration to require https for the entire site
284 * Added SECURE_HOST and SECURE_PORT site configuration to redirect secure requests to another dns name/port
285 * Many other bug fixes and visual improvements
ffb3bf7 @akinspe updated changelog and documentation version for 1.0b3
akinspe authored
287 1.0 Beta 3 (March 14)
288 * NEW MODULE: Video Module.
436a815 @akinspe updated changelog (in progress) to assist followers of master
akinspe authored
289 * NEW MODULE: Map Module.
290 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the templates folder has been renamed "app"
291 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: the web folder has been renamed "www" Your servers will need to point to this folder for the document root
292 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: The base module class for mobile web is "WebModule" all modules should inherit from this class (or an existing WebModule class)
293 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Site modules should now be located in SITE_DIR/app/modules
294 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Theme modules (PHP) are no longer searched for. You can still include CSS and JS in /themes/default/modules/X. Modules must either be in /app/modules or SITE_DIR/app/modules
ffb3bf7 @akinspe updated changelog and documentation version for 1.0b3
akinspe authored
295 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: module configuration files are now located in SITE_DIR/config/(moduleid)/xxx.ini
296 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: module template files are now located in the templates folder of the module folder
436a815 @akinspe updated changelog (in progress) to assist followers of master
akinspe authored
297 * NEW FEATURE: support for adding idle logoff
298 * NEW FEATURE: support for adding descriptions to login screen
ffb3bf7 @akinspe updated changelog and documentation version for 1.0b3
akinspe authored
299 * NEW FEATURE (in development): preliminary support for REST API (used by native applications)
300 * NEW FEATURE: support for Google Apps calendars and resources
301 * NEW FEATURE: added ability to add a forget password text and url to the login screen
302 * NEW FEATURE: added ability for users to remember their login credentials (when permitted by the site admins)
303 * NEW FEATURE: added ability to apply access control lists for the entire site
304 * NEW FEATURE: support for multiple logins to different authorities (eg. LDAP & Facebook, AD & Twitter)
305 * NEW FEATURE: added class "packages" to group class library files by type (calendar, map, etc)
306 * NEW FEATURE: classes in the SITE_DIR/app/modules folder do not have to be prefixed with "Site" if they are direct subclasses of WebModule
307 * System will automatically redirect to login screen when viewing a protected module
308 * Many other minor bug fixes
436a815 @akinspe updated changelog (in progress) to assist followers of master
akinspe authored
ad291b9 @akinspe updated changelog for 1.0b2
akinspe authored
311 1.0 Beta 2 (February 16)
313 * NEW FEATURE: (In testing): Tablet interface. Point device to /device/tablet/home to see iPad interface. Subject to change
314 * NEW FEATURE: Internal device detection. You can now use an internal SQLite database to handle device detection. If you have a site, make sure you match up your config.ini with the Universitas config.ini
315 * NEW FEATURE: (In development) Support for retrieving user calendars and resources from Google Apps domains
316 * NEW MODULE: Content module. Allows you to grab external content (html/rss) and display it in the mobile site. See guide for configuration
317 * NEW MODULE: Emergency module. See guide for configuration
318 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: DataController factory method signature has altered. Please see example video module in guide for more details.
319 * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Page title config files are now located in config/web/nav
320 * System will attempt to copy the config-default.ini file to config.ini to aid in initial setup.
321 * Added assets to support the "touch" branch classification of devices.
322 * Added logic to turn on/off auto phone number detection (AUTODETECT_PHONE_NUMBERS)
323 * Added ability to use external addresses in the [url] section
324 * Updated Authentication code for Google Apps, Active Directory and others.
325 * Updated developer documentation
326 * Many other minor bug fixes
328 1.0 Beta 1 (February 2)
0e5f88d @akinspe updated CHANGELOG and versions for 1.2
akinspe authored
330 Initial public beta
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