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* Copyright © 2010 - 2012 Modo Labs Inc. All rights reserved.
* The license governing the contents of this file is located in the LICENSE
* file located at the root directory of this distribution. If the LICENSE file
* is missing, please contact
abstract class CASProxyAuthenticatedDataController extends DataController
* Retrieves the data using the given url. The default implementation uses the file_get_content()
* function to retrieve the request. Subclasses would need to implement this if a simple GET request
* is not sufficient (i.e. you need POST or custom headers).
* @param string the url to retrieve
* @return string the response from the server
* @TODO support POST requests and custom headers and perhaps proxy requests
protected function retrieveData($url) {
if ($this->debugMode) {
error_log(sprintf(__CLASS__ . " Retrieving %s", $url));
try {
if ($this->method == 'GET')
$http = phpCAS::getProxiedService(PHPCAS_PROXIED_SERVICE_HTTP_GET);
else if ($this->method = 'POST')
$http = phpCAS::getProxiedService(PHPCAS_PROXIED_SERVICE_HTTP_POST);
throw new Exception('Unsupported HTTP method '.$this->method);
// Not yet supported in phpCAS-1.2.2, will be added in a future version.
// foreach ($this->getHeaders() as $header) {
// $http->addRequestHeader($header);
// }
$this->response = DataResponse::factory('HTTPDataResponse', array());
$this->response->setRequest($this->method, $url, $this->filters, $this->requestHeaders);
$this->response->setResponse($http->getResponseBody(), $http->getResponseHeaders());
if ($this->debugMode) {
error_log(sprintf(__CLASS__ . " Returned status %d and %d bytes", $this->getResponseCode(), strlen($data)));
return $http->getResponseBody();
// The proxy ticket is no longer valid, the user will need to log out and log back in.
catch (CAS_ProxyTicketException $e) {
if ($this->debugMode) {
error_log(__CLASS__ . " The user's proxy ticket expired, prompt for login.");
// For now we will just re-throw the exception and let the WebModule that
// is calling us handle prompting for re-authentication.
throw $e;
* Returns a base filename for the cache file that will be used. The default implementation uses
* a hash of the value returned from the url
* @return string
protected function cacheFilename($url = null) {
$url = $url ? $url : $this->url();
// Add the user's id to the cache-key for a per-user cache.
$session = Kurogo::getSession();
$user = $session->getUser();
return md5($url.$user->getUserID());
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