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Kurogo is distributed under the MIT License by Modo Labs, Inc.
Modo Labs, Inc.
100 Cambridgepark Drive, Suite 302
Cambridge, MA 02140
Modo Labs Team
Pete Akins (Lead Developer, Mobile Web)
Muhammad Amjad
Dario Baldoni
Alexis Ellwood
Ian Gavalakis
Wesley Hirsch
Sonya Huang (Lead Developer, iOS)
Jim Kang
Edward Liu
Newstar Liu
Ebrahim Kobeissi
David Ormsbee
Brian Patt (Lead Developer, Android)
Brent Wang
Jeffery You
Saturn Zhang
James Choi
Kate Dobroth
Eric Kim (Lead Designer)
Hoon Lee
Ilona Moreland
Brian Tepfenhart
Project Management & QA:
Yuki Nagatoshi
Marshall Vale
Andrew Yu
Special Thanks
Justin Anderson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Kurogo Framework is based on the MIT Mobile Framework, and incorporates contributions from:
Harvard University
Doug Beck (University of Central Florida)
Jared Lang (University of Central Florida)
Chris Conover (University of Central Florida)
University of Vermont
Adam Franco (Middlebury College)
Third Party Libraries (Mobile Web)
License: BSD
Copyright: Steve Clay, Ryan Grove
License: LGPL
Copyright: Monte Ohrt, Uwe Tews
Third Party Libraries (iOS)
Facebook iOS SDK
License: Apache 2.0
Copyright: Facebook
License: BSD
Copyright: Stig Brautaset
Third Party Libraries (Android)
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