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@@ -33,30 +33,22 @@ Kurogo is a PHP application. It is currently qualified for use with
* mod_rewrite, and .htaccess support (AllowOverride)
* IIS 7.5
* URL Rewrite Module 2.0
-* PHP 5.2 or higher with the following modules
- * xml, dom, json, pdo (SQLite/MySQL), mbstring, LDAP, curl
+* PHP 5.2 or higher with the following extensions
+ * zlib, xml, dom, json, pdo, mbstring, LDAP, curl
To install, simply copy the files to your webserver, and point your site's document root to the included www
folder. For more detailed setup information, please see the developer's guide.
-## Version 1.2
+## Version 1.3
This version includes a number of fixes and improvements, including:
-* Support for IIS Web Server
-* Vastly streamlined default theme with updated theme documentation
-* Support for grouping static contacts in the People module
-* Support for grouping links in the Links module
-* Added established pattern for linking to and receiving data from other modules (See Dev guide for more info)
-* Modules can now present dynamic data on the home screen. (See Dev guide for more info)
-* Support for different HTTP methods and headers in the DataController class
-* Significant documentation improvements and updates.
-* The admin module (/admin) can be used on tablets (with certain issues)
-* Various bug fixes
-* Many other small improvements and fixes outlined in the CHANGELOG
-Important note: You MUST delete all your server caches due to underlying changes in the template engine.
-Cache files in the minify and smarty folders must be removed.
+* The REST API has now reached 1.0 status.
+* Kurogo is now localized. Version 1.3 only includes English values.
+* Kurogo can now host multiple sites. The Multi-site option allows for multiple sites to be hosted on the same server.
+* An updated logging facility has been created to include logging messages in Kurogo.
+* The internal statistics engine and stats module has been overhauled.
+* The Map module has been significantly updated. Support for directions, arbitrary addresses and UI improvements among other improvements.
+* Many other bug fixes and improvements.
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