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@akinspe akinspe authored
3  CHANGELOG.txt
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
* NEW MODULE : Social. Show feeds from facebook and Twitter
* Created ShellModule to create modules that run on the command line (UNIX only at this time)
* Kurogo shell modules have been created that can fetch public feed data in the background. See dev guide for setting up automatic fetching
+* Kurogo will load libraries and configuration from the shared site directory to reduce code duplication
* It is possible to change which module is the home module
* CACHE_LIFETIME is now respected
* New XML Parser (SimpleXMLDataParser) makes it easier to parse simple XML documents
@@ -13,6 +14,7 @@
* Most module's library files are now included in the module's "lib" folder
* Add Shibboleth authentication authority (requires a shibboleth SP installed on the Kurogo Server)
* Tablet Panes are now loaded Asynchronously
+* Updated handling of stats information to improve stats module performance. See dev guide for important migration information
* Improved tablet interface for Photos (issue 57, 58)
* Added ability to retrieve data using the cURL library
* Federated search can be disabled
@@ -26,6 +28,7 @@
* Fixes for pagination in Flickr feeds
* Removed suport for Percent Mobile (service is ending)
* Proper handling of calendars where the time zone is different than the server time zone (issue 53)
+* The MySQL DB class will now connect to hosts without a password (strongly discouraged except in dev environments)
1.4.1 (Apr 27, 2012)
* Fixed issues with Drupal Contacts
9 doc/mw/configuration.rst
@@ -213,7 +213,12 @@ Analytics
analytics server
* *GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_DOMAIN* - If you use subdomains in your google analytics reporting, set this to the appropriate domain
* *STATS_ENABLED* - if set to 0 then the internal statistics engine will be disabled
-* *KUROGO_STATS_TABLE* (kurogo_stats_v1) - The name of the table to use for internal statistics gathering
+* *KUROGO_STATS_TABLE* (kurogo_stats_v1) - The name of the table to use for internal statistics gathering.
+* *KUROGO_STATS_SHARDING_TYPE* (month) - To accomodate high volume sites, it is recommended to shard the pageview logs into
+ separate tables. Possible values are: week, day, month.
+* *KUROGO_STATS_SUMMARY_TABLE* (kurogo_stats_module_v1) - To improve performance of viewing statistics of large volume
+ sites, a summary table is used.
+* *KUROGO_STATS_LOG_FILE* - All access is logged in a file then compiled into database tables
* *KUROGO_VISIT_LIFESPAN* (1800) - The timeout (in seconds) for tracking visits
@@ -322,6 +327,8 @@ contains values common to all modules, as well as module specific values.
sites is beyond the scope of this document.
* *robots* - When set to 0, the module will be excluded from search engines by including
a *disallow* entry in robots.txt
+* *PREFETCH_DATA* - When set to 1, this module will attempt to prefetch data when the Core shell
+ command prefetchData is run. See :ref:`data_prefetching` for more information.
Optional Common Module Settings
8 doc/mw/modulekitchensink.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+Kitchen Sink
+The Kitchen Sink module has no user facing functionality. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate
+the various templates of Kurogo and give developers examples on how standard Kurogo templates
+and classes are rendered. It can be used to assist developers and designers with theming
+their site.
1  doc/mw/moduleslist.rst
@@ -26,4 +26,5 @@ you can learn more about these modules, what they do and how to configure them.
+ modulekitchensink
33 doc/mw/modulestats.rst
@@ -10,10 +10,7 @@ configurable options to indicate the types of reports and charts to display.
-Logging of page views requires a site database configured in the *[database]* section of the
-*site.ini* file. If you do not have access to a database (including the ability to use an
-embedded SQLite database) then you can turn off statistics logging by setting *STATS_ENABLED=0*
-in *SITE_DIR/config/site.ini*
+Version 1.5 uses a log file to log page views to Kurogo.
View Logging
@@ -46,3 +43,31 @@ Reporting
The statistics module includes a series of reports for viewing the overall views for the site
as well as views grouped by module, pagetype and platform.
+Updating the data
+To ensure best performance, the stats data is stored in a log file and then ingested into a
+database table.
+.. _stats_migration:
+Migration from Old Versions of Kurogo
+Previous versions of Kurogo used different manner of stats recording. All requests were immediately
+added to the database table. In Kurogo 1.5, requests are first logged to a log file and then
+ingested into the database.
+In order to improve performance, the database tables are sharded into different tables based
+on time. The default option of *KUROGO_STATS_SHARDING_TYPE* is to have 1 table per calendar
+month. If you want to maintain your previous statistics when upgrading you will need to run
+a Kurogo shell command to migrate this data:
+:kbd:`/path/to/kurogo/lib/KurogoShell stats migrate`
+This command can be run on a running server, however keep in mind that it will take a considerable
+amount of time (in some cases an hour or longer).
37 doc/mw/shellmodule.rst
@@ -63,3 +63,40 @@ Methods to override
* *getAllControllers* - In some modules you will need to override this method when implementing
prefetch. This would be necessary if you are using a mechanism other than *feeds.ini*
+The CoreShellModule has several commands:
+* *version* - Returns the Kurogo version
+* *clearCaches* - Clears the Kurogo cache folder. It is recommended to run this periodically
+ to ensure that caches don't build up
+* *fetchAllData* - Cycle through all modules and call fetchAllData for modules that have
+ PREFETCH_DATA = 1 set in their module.ini file.
+.. _data_prefetching:
+Data Prefetching
+Certain modules can prefetch their data. When run in the background (like a cron job), you
+can ensure that the data cache is primed. This is especially useful for servers that are
+You can run the core shell command *fetchAllData* and it will fetch data for all modules
+that have PREFETCH_DATA = 1 in their module.ini. Built in modules that support this include:
+* News
+* Video
+* Photos
+* Calendar
+* Athletics
+* Emergency
+* Social
+It is recommended to run /path/to/kurogo/lib/KurogoShell core prefetchData in a cron
+job. It should be run at an interval less than the cache time of the modules. 10 minutes is
+a good default time.
2  doc/mw/tour.rst
@@ -235,6 +235,8 @@ template system and file naming) A non-exhaustive list of these templates includ
* **springboard** - template for displaying content as a grid of icons
* **tabs.tpl** - template for displaying content in tabs
+View the :doc:`Kitchen Sink <modulekitchensink>` module for examples on using these templates.
1  doc/mw/versions.rst
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Version 1.5
* Added ability to retrieve data using the cURL library
* A custom user class can be specified in :doc:`Authentication <authentication>` configurations eliminating the need to create a custom authority
* Support for Co-Ed sports in :doc:`Athletics <moduleathletics>` module
+* Updated handling of stats date. See :ref:`stats_migration` for important details on migrating existing stats data
* Many other bug fixes and minor improvements
Version 1.4 (March 5, 2012)
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