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updated documentation, CHANGELOG and README for Version 1.1

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@@ -1,3 +1,70 @@
+1.1 (XXX)
+* IMPORTANT NOTE: After upgrading to 1.1, please clear your SITE_DIR/cache folder. It is critical to remove at least the minify and smarty folders so they can get rebuilt.
+* Added location services to Map Module so closest campus appears on the top
+* Fixed an issue with exception handling and PHP 5.2
+* Added setRefresh() method to enable modules to refresh the page
+* Download module can now be configured to show links for any platform
+* Various sections (including news/video feeds, links and others) in the admin console can now be reordered
+* Refactored LDAPPeopleController. If you have a subclass of LDAPPeopleController it may need to be updated
+* Added class information to people detail. This allow themes to add CSS styling depending on the field
+* Updated Smarty to 3.0.7
+* Updated template handling to deal with situations where a the most specific template was not being used. Requires rebuilding smarty and minify caches
+* Fixed an issue with creating ini files from default
+* Added Vimeo Video controller
+* Fixed an issue for KML files without a <Document> tag
+* LDAP results are now sorted by lastname, firstname. If your LDAP directory does not use (sn/givenname) then you will need to update SORTFIELDS in your people/feeds.ini file
+* Added Site Maintenance section of admin console, including action to clear caches
+* Incorporated the initialize functions into the singleton Kurogo object. You should no longer use the $GLOBALS['siteConfig'] or $GLOBALS['deviceClassifier'] but rather Kurogo::siteConfig() and Kurogo::deviceClassifier
+* issue #2 - Map drop down box was broken)
+* Map module will now go straight to a feed if there is only 1 group and 1 feed
+* Added DURATION parsing to iCalendar
+* issue #6 - Form action urls are now prepended with the URL prefix if necessary)
+* issue #4 - Text values that contain a file reference constant are now properly handled by the admin console
+* A link tag was added so that android devices should now an icon when adding to the home screen
+* issue #7 - Content module should only try and load ID if HTML_ID is non-blank.
+* Content module - Added HTML_TAG to use an array of html tags from content
+* issue #8 - fixed a problem that prevented some values from being saved in the admin console properly
+* Fixed a variable typo in the map module that prevent photos from showing in basic/touch page types
+* Fixed an issue that occurred when users saved their login information, but it was forgotten after re-logging in
+* Refactored the Google Authentication authority so it uses the OpenID+OAuth hybrid. This may require configuration updates for sites that need to consume Google data (and not just authenticate)
+* For Modules that are instances/copies of other modules, also load in their CSS/Javascript if present in addition to the parent Javascript/CSS
+* The "page" of the module is now added as a class on the body element
+* Fixed an error that could cause google calendar items to be inappropriately cached
+* Webmodule->setPageTitles() now sets the breadcrumb titles
+* Google Authentication should now work on https sites
+* jquery library can be specified by version, updated default version to 1.8.11
+* updated iScroll library to 4.0
+* better error handling in the tablet home interface
+* the site will redirect the hostname to lower case to promote consistency (some browsers already do this automatically)
+* Fixes for windows phone 7
+* YouTube videos should no longer appear stretched
+* People can now be bookmarked in the people module
+* Added DatabasePeopleController that allows directory information to be drawn from a supported database
+* Updated internal device database
+* Added support for OAuth providers that require manual verification
+* Added support for PLAINTEXT OAuth signatures
+* Updated the detection of device orientation
+* Added option to fail when attempting to load SQLite database files if they do not exist (rather than creating them)
+* Various fixes to Map KML Parsing
+* Allowed hiding federated search form if desired through SHOW_FEDERATED_SEARCH option in home module
+* issue #9 - Escape URLs on error page to protect against XSS based attacks
+* Allow enabling/disabling of showing the bookmark/sharing buttons on various modules
+* Handle the lack of SQLite support better when using internal device detection
+* Fixed issue with login form
+* Fixed an edge case bug with people detail
+* Added ability to assign the URL generated by the people module to a function
+* Added ability to send DataController requests through an HTTP proxy
+* People Module: search tip is now a configurable value
+* Session object is now part of Kurogo class
+* If possible, the existing server cache will be used for data controller requests if the data cannot be retrieved
+* There is now a links pane for the tablet UI
+* The page title for the "index" page will be used if set for the <title> on a module's index page. This permits the ability to set a page title on the home module and affect the <title> for the site home page
+* Fixed a bug that prevented images from loading from a site folder (thanks to conover at UCF)
+* Added more control of when the login box shows by using a SHOW_LOGIN property in a module's config file
+* Double quotes are now handled properly in config files (#10)
+* Federated search placeholder is shown properly (#11)
+* Added options to to declare LDAP fields when searching
1.0 (April 8)
* KNOWN ISSUE: YouTube Videos may appear stretched on iOS devices in the detail page. This is not code contained in Kurogo, but has been acknowledged by Google.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Access Control List files and format has changed. See documentation for more info.
15 README.markdown
@@ -36,6 +36,21 @@ Kurogo is a PHP application. It is currently qualified for use with
To install, simply copy the files to your webserver, and point your site's document root to the included www
folder. For more detailed setup information, please see the developer's guide.
+## Version 1.1
+This version includes a number of fixes and improvements, including:
+* An updated Tablet UI for News and Video modules
+* Updated Smarty template engine
+* Support for Vimeo videos
+* Various improvements to calendar parsing
+* Improvements to the admin module
+* Various bug fixes
+* Many other small improvements and fixes outlined in the CHANGELOG
+Important note: You MUST delete all your server caches due to underlying changes in the template engine.
+Cache files in the minify and smarty folders must be removed.
## History
This project is based off the original [MIT Mobile Framework]( and was adapted for use at [Harvard University](
4 doc/Guide/
@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@
# built documents.
# The short X.Y version.
-version = '1.0'
+version = '1.1'
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '1.0'
+release = '1.1'
# The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
# for a list of supported languages.
1  doc/Guide/index.rst
@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ This guide serves as a tour of the project source code and its features.
:maxdepth: 1
+ support
2  doc/Guide/modulelogin.rst
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Login Module
The login module is used by sites that provide protected or personalized experience for their modules.
It provides a unified interface to log into the site.
-In order to use the login module you must first configure `authentication`.
+In order to use the login module you must first configure :doc:`authentication`.
2  doc/Guide/modulenew.rst
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Steps
* Create a folder named *video* in the SITE_DIR/app/modules folder
* Create a templates folder inside the SITE_DIR/app/modules/video folders
-* Create *VideoWebModule.php* with the following contents::
+* Create *VideoWebModule.php* with the following contents:
.. code-block:: php
44 doc/Guide/support.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+Getting Support
+As an open source project, Kurogo does not include formal support. There are a number of outlets to
+receive informal support, as well as options for paid formal support.
+Kurogo Google Group
+In order to facilite community support, a Google Group named Kurogo-dev has been created. This group
+includes a mailing list where users can share questions and answers. This list is monitored by members
+of Modo Labs (maintainers of the Kurogo code), however responses are not guaranteed.
+Github Issues
+If you would like to report a bug, please submit an issue on the project's github page:
+Training and Support Through Modo Labs
+Users wishing to have more formal support options should contact **. Support is
+available in the following areas:
+* Initial Developer Training. Learning the framework, module development, theme design.
+* Ramp up/implementation support
+* Production / incident support
+Professional Services
+Modo Labs is also pleased to offer professional development and design services for helping companies
+with more advanced needs including new modules, integration, or user experience and interface design.
+Please contact ** for more information
2  lib/Kurogo.php
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
define('ROOT_DIR', dirname(__FILE__).'/..');
-define('KUROGO_VERSION', '1.0');
+define('KUROGO_VERSION', '1.1');
/* this is a singleton class */
class Kurogo

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