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The making of "M Doll" an original animated feature film by Imagination Rabbit

The first M Doll Image

  • Teaser trailer here to get an idea of what we finna do son.

  • I'm no longer updating this page- new updates are here

  • Hello, I was this person. I made strange animated films, music, games and other things.

  • I now work for Imagination Rabbit, a micro studio made up of original independent creators.

  • I made three animated feature films mostly alone. One of them did Sundance and all that stuff.

  • I'm making a new animated feature film called "M Doll" with Imagination Rabbit, the film will be completed in 2021.

  • We're using the Unity game engine to make the film and the final budget will be less than $1000 Usd BUT it will look like it cost $20,000,000 usd

  • We'll do our best to document the process here.

  • Click the pages on the right side of this wiki to follow along!

  • Questions? Comments? Here's is the Unity forum thread

M doll head


  • Why are you doing this?

  • Making animated feature films is really fun, even more fun in a game engine with realtime rendering + I'm tired of programming, so it would be nice to do a purely creative project with Imagination Rabbit.

  • What software tools are you using?

  • Unity 2019.4 LTS with the built-in render pipeline, Unity Recorder, Slate cutscene editor, Puppetmaster, FinalIk, MudBun, UMotion Pro, Cinema 4d, Daz Studio, Substance Painter, Premiere Pro, Nuendo 11

  • How long will this take to complete?

  • 4-6 months in total. So it will be complete by May 2021 at the latest. My last animated feature film "I am Nightmare" was 120 minutes long and took me 12 months to make using offline rendering and the slow production process that type of rendering requires.

  • Where did you learn how to do this?

  • I've never even taken a film or animation class. I learned through making things, reading books and the using the internet. We will be releasing a book + video series to share our new and innovative filmmaking techniques and perspectives to help others make big films on tiny budgets.

  • What kind of super powered PC are you making this with?

  • It's pretty old and nothing fancy. I built my PC in 2013. Its got a 3770k with 32gb Ram + GTX 1050 Ti Replaced with a 1070 ti on 11-3-20 as the 1050 was too damn slow- running Windows 7.1 64 bit

  • Upgraded our workstation PC as we started production to AMD 3900x with 64gb Ram + GTX 3090 + m2 drives

  • Do you have a Patreon? Is there a way to donate to help make the film?

  • You can support the film by buying our game that makes animations on Steam or by paying what you want for any of our bands music here

  • How can I contact Imagination Rabbit?