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A minimal example for the bimdp coroutine decorator.
import numpy as np
import bimdp
class SimpleCoroutineNode(bimdp.nodes.IdentityBiNode):
# the arg ["b"] means that that the signature will be (x, b)
def _execute(self, x, n_iterations):
"""Gather all the incomming b and return them finally."""
bs = []
for _ in range(n_iterations):
x, b = yield x
raise StopIteration(x, {"all the b": bs})
n_iterations = 3
x = np.random.random((1,1))
node = SimpleCoroutineNode()
# during the first call the decorator creates the actual coroutine
x, msg = node.execute(x, {"n_iterations": n_iterations})
print msg # leftover msg
# the following calls go to the yield statement,
# finally the bs are returned
for i in range(n_iterations-1):
x, msg = node.execute(x, {"b": i})
print msg
x, msg = node.execute(x, {"b": n_iterations-1})
print msg