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Stewori Merge pull request #46 from NiMlr/master
FIX: .travis.yml to test different python versions
Latest commit b711200 Mar 16, 2019
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bimdp Merge pull request #43 from NiMlr/master Jan 20, 2019
.coveragerc ignore things that can not be tested on travis in coverage report Mar 8, 2016
.gitattributes Make git display python diffs better Sep 9, 2010
.gitignore gitignore: ignore pytest cache directory Jul 18, 2018
.mailmap OTH: add .mailmap to fix git-shortlog Oct 28, 2011
.travis.yml FIX: Including python 3.5-dev numpy 1.8.2 tests Feb 22, 2019
CHANGES update CHANGES and CHECKLIST for flash release MDP-3.5 Mar 8, 2016
CHECKLIST changed reference to new mailing list (#24) Mar 11, 2017
COPYRIGHT Remove deleted files from MANIFEST Mar 2, 2016
README Moved release files in root of master branch. Mar 4, 2010
TODO updated TODO to make it clear that is not going to happen Mar 2, 2016
pytest.ini ERF: use py.test 2 ini-file configuration. Oct 11, 2011
setup.cfg Make use of setuptools instead of distutils Mar 2, 2016 Drop the dot from py.test Jul 17, 2018 updated script to work with py2&3 MDP Mar 2, 2016


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