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A WordPress plugin that allows health/science bloggers to quickly construct a rich bibliography not unlike what is found at the bottom of Wikipedia articles.

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PMID Citation Plus (for WordPress)

This plugin allows authors to quickly construct a rich bibliography not unlike the bottom of Wikipedia articles by simply typing in the Pubmed IDs to the relevant studies.

This plugin should appeal primarily to health and science bloggers.

View "PMID Citation Plus" in the Plugin Directory


  • Ditch output buffering. (ob_start, ob_end_clean, ob_get_contents, ob_end_flush, etc.)
  • Add shortcode functionality that allows people to put citations in-line.
  • Update source to exclusively use PSR style guide & standards instead of the WordPress standard.
  • Add support for DOI.
  • Add better exception handling (and form validation).
  • Replace regexp with actual html/xml parser. Use css selectors, and possibly xpath.
  • ???

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