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A WordPress plugin that makes a nice super simple Facebook Fan Page like button, without all the fixins'.

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Facebook Simple Like (for WordPress)

This plugin was made a few years ago with only two main goals:

  • Make it easier to setup a Facebook Fan Page "Like" button that more closely resembled the more simplified one used for "sharing" things on facebook.
  • Experiment with creating a WordPress plugin that incorporated a settings page.

The CSS changes necessary to actually remove things from the Like button (e.g. avatar, etc.) are pretty straightforward.

That being said: the great thing about WordPress is that plugins for even simple tasks can get great uptake in the community because so many people turn to WordPress to make their lives easier. This plugin accomplishes that.

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  • Add other features like additional shortcodes for allowing people to readily make use of some of the other useful widgets.
  • Continue to improve readability of code.
  • Add obviously lacking directory structure organization.
  • ???

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