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IDL routines for accessing information in GRIB files
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IDL GRIB Helper Library

IDL's GRIB API is built on the C version of the ECMWF GRIB-API. The IDL routines mirror those of the low-level ECMWF API, so it requires a bit of programming to get even basic information from a GRIB file.

The following routines, built with IDL's GRIB API, make it easier to work with GRIB files:

  • GRIB_INVENTORY: Creates an inventory of a GRIB file, returned as a string array. This is similar to using wgrib or wgrib2 with the "-s" option.
  • GRIB_GET_RECORD: Gets a single record, selected by index, from a GRIB file.
  • GRIB_GET_PARAMETERNAMES: Gets the value of the parameterName, name, shortName or cfName key from each record in a GRIB file.
  • GRIB_GET_PARAMETER: Uses GRIB_GET_PARAMETERNAMES and GRIB_GET_RECORD to extract all the records in a GRIB file with a given parameter name.

The IDL GRIB Helper Library routines can be called from the IDL command line or used as library routines in programs.

Although these routines have been tested on a variety of GRIB1 and GRIB2 files from ECMWF, NCEP, NCAR, NOAA and AFWA, GRIB is a tricky format, so there's no guarantee that they'll work with every GRIB file.

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