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@simonkelly1973 simonkelly1973 released this Oct 31, 2019

This is a major release of OpenICE, featuring the following user visible changes

  1. Log files and the icepatientdb are moved to the user home directory. This prevents problems for users who do not have write access to the install location.

  2. The CSV persister in the data exporter application allows dates/times to be shown as raw millisecond values rather than human readable dates.

  3. Display of temperature values now includes a decimal place. (Issue #7)

  4. A bug that prevented device specific metrics (non MDC_ metrics) from being displayed in the data exporter application is fixed. (Issue #8)

  5. Numeric metrics published by devices are now checked to see if they can be displayed by a device specific panel. This reduces the number of instances of "Waiting For Data" being displayed in device panels. (Issue #9).

  6. There is a derived respiratory rate for Draeger Apollo devices, based on the interval between inhalation and exhalation. (Issue #10)

  7. The temperature is varied in the simulated temperature probe (Issue #11)

  8. The "Modified Early Warning System" application is added to OpenICE (Issue #12)

  9. In the CSV persister for the data exporter application, "grouping" of numbers is turned off. Numbers could be presented as 123,456 (for one hundred and twenty three thousand four hundred and fifty six) but this caused problems with comma separation as the extra comma from the group changed the field count. (Issue #14)

  10. When using the data exporter application, if the root node is selected, then newly added metrics are automatically selected as well (Issue #15)

  11. The "Denver M Series Balance Scale" is a supported device (Issue #19)

  12. The CSV persister for the data export application uses 4 decimal places (Issue #20)

Technical changes include

  1. The gradle version is updated from 2.2 to 5.

  2. Dependent JAR files for the build that were previously hosted at on the OpenICE artifactory are now stored directly in GitHub as part of the build tree (Issue #22)

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@simonkelly1973 simonkelly1973 released this Dec 18, 2018

A couple of minor fixes from 1.0.0, and also to provide a 32 bit Windows installer.

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  • 1.0.0
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@simonkelly1973 simonkelly1973 released this Nov 22, 2018

Release 1.0.0 of OpenICE. The major feature differences between this and release 0.7.0 are

  1. The ability to scroll backwards and forwards through the data captured in the chart view.
  2. The ability to open multiple device and application windows at the same time.
  3. Improved database logging in support of time based reporting.
  4. Multiple variants of pulse oximeter devices including different averaging characteristics.
  5. A new application for testing oximetry devices.
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@simonkelly1973 simonkelly1973 released this Mar 21, 2018

This is a major release for OpenICE, including more than 150 commits since the last release (0.6.3) . This fixes a commonly reported bug with serial connections to Philips devices. This also ensures compatibility with the latest Java 8 updates.

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@jeffplourde jeffplourde released this Jun 23, 2015

Release 0.6.3 Notes

Abridged summary of key changes since 0.6.2

  • Allows transition of devices from the Connected back to the Connecting state
  • Fixed some bugs related to the transition to AlarmLimit
  • Added more data to the System Explorer / Diagnostics screen
  • Publish new association for new devices to the MDSHandler
  • Integrated with Jenkins CI workflow and salt-stack management
  • Moved ice_library.xml (in RTI-specific format) into an RTI-specific subproject
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@jeffplourde jeffplourde released this May 22, 2015

Release 0.6.2 Notes

Abridged summary of key changes since 0.6.1

  • Convert AlarmSettings to AlarmLimit
    Creates separate instance for upper and lower limits; allowing for absence.
  • Returned to using the "stock" Debian images on beaglebones
  • Made the application name headings consistent across all apps
  • Made the configuration dialog, appropriately, quit when canceled
  • Added additional information to the launcher screen to explain launch options.
  • Created a UI panel for temperature data
  • No longer creates a top-level window for simulator devices; instead added a red "X" button to close down the simulator in the main supervisor UI.
  • Displays a message when no devices are available in the selected partition.
  • Adds categories for devices: serial, network, simulator
  • Uses an internal patient database by default (external FHIR server only if specified)
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@jeffplourde jeffplourde released this Jun 23, 2015

Release 0.6.1 Notes

Abridged summary of key changes since 0.6.0

  • Retrieve patient information from a FHIR server
    And share FHIR context between patient id app and FHIR export.
  • Create standardized mapping of DDS data types to JavaFX observables
  • Eliminate the confusing "ParticipantOnly" mode
  • Pulled forward a patched version of FilterList that will be in jdk8u60
  • Set up a separate DomainParticipant for patient-agnostic subscriptions
  • Clean up of device data display panels for consistency and use of FXML layout
  • Allows the HL7 Export app to continue emitting HL7 in the background
  • Creates a ValidationOracle to communicate validation status between the validation app and the HL7 Exporter
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