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OpenICE 1.5.0

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@simonkelly1973 simonkelly1973 released this 10 Jan 13:06
· 24 commits to master since this release

This is a major release of OpenICE, with the following human visible changes.

  1. For serial port devices, the COM port number is shown in the label for the device. This allows much clearer identification of individual devices when there are multiple instances of the same device connected. (#24)
  2. Application popup windows in OpenICE can have configurable sizes. Previously, apps that were "too large" for the default window size needed to be resized after opening. Now, applications can be configured at creation time to be "the right size". (#31)
  3. A "flow rate objective" is introduced, allowing pumps that support it to have their flow rate adjusted from inside OpenICE. (#32)
  4. There is a new display panel for pumps, that allows the flow rate to be displayed. (#33)
  5. There is a simulated pump device, for testing the other pump related components of OpenICE. (#34)
  6. There is a generic mechanism to allow all device data to be logged to a SQL database (#35)
  7. There is a control application to allow pumps to be controlled (#32)
  8. There is a new "Closed Loop Control" application (the Fluid Resuscitation Optimization Alogrithm). (#36)
  9. There is a simulated, controllable BP monitor device, and a corresponding control application. This allows easier testing of other apps that require blood pressure measurements (#39)
  10. Integration with an OpenEMR server is possible, to retrieve a list of patients from that system that are then displayed in OpenICE. (#43)
  11. There is new, scriptable application to allow control of simulated values. This allows a file to be defined with timings, metrics, and values, which can then be run as a timed sequence of changes to the desired metrics (#44).
  12. Mindware/BioLab devices are supported. (#70)
  13. There is integration with DICOM servers, this allows downloading images from a DICOM server and forwarding them to a different storage location. Images can also be viewed locally inside OpenICE (#72)
  14. The VitalsBridge device is supported (#71)
  15. The Puritan Bennet PB980 ventilator device is supported, extending the previous support for the PB840 (#73)
  16. There is a new application to view data from ventilators in a uniform way (#74)

There are other important changes to underlying technologies and tools, including

  1. Introducing continuous integration builds using GitHub infrastructure.
  2. Updating Log4J to the latest version to mitigate against recent well publicized critical vulnerabilities.