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Support tab indenting #17

silviobierman opened this Issue · 3 comments

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silviobierman Matt Russell

Switching the indenter from the Java formatting preferences to the Scala formatting preferences has removed the ability to use tab based indenting.
Please add the option of using tab-indenting to the Scala formatting preferences.

Matt Russell

I'll have a look at implementing "tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment" (

Matt Russell mdr closed this in 6643714
Matt Russell

OK, I've added a simple implementation for tab indentation, while stopping short of "tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment" -- with the consequence that a couple of formatting options are unavailable when using tabs for the time being.

There's still the work to sync the option with the Eclipse formatter preferences page, and also hook it into the Scala indenter, which I'll try and do soon (but all that's out of scope for this bug tracker).


Well, that is excellent news! I will check this out asap.

Thanks a lot.

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