Extensions for KeepNote - note-taking and organization
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KeepNote - Note-taking and organization
Extensions source code
Copyright 2010 Matt Rasmussen

This package contains a collection of extensions for the KeepNote note-taking 
application (http://rasm.ods.org/keepnote).  

The extensions are organized into three sets:

1. builtin

  These extensions come bundled with the KeepNote application.

2. stable

  These are additional extensions that have been tested enough to share
  with other people interested in trying them.

3. testing

  These are newly received extensions from other developers that are
  waiting review.  They may be well functioning or unstable.  Users 
  should only use these extensions if they are willing to review the
  source code themselves.

If you are interested in contributing your own extension to this collection
send a patch or git pull request to rasmus@mit.edu or my github page