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Chrome/Canary/Chromium bookmarks search workflow for Alfred
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Chrome/Canary/Chromium bookmarks search workflow for Alfred

  • Google Chrome (chrome, chrome-profiles)
  • Google Chrome Canary (canary, canary-profiles)
  • Chromium (chromium, chromium-profiles)



Command Description
<browser> Searches bookmarks using query. If you would like to show bookmark folder please press Command (or Cmd) ⌘.
<browser>-profile Sets active user profile. Auto options checks active user profile and uses it to search bookmarks.


  • Run brew install go
  • Run make deps


  • Run make build
  • Install ./build/chrome-bookmarks.alfredworkflow


  • Run make test


  • Run make cover or make cover-html


How to add missing chromium-based browser?

  1. Add missing browser config to ./configs/browser.yaml file.
  2. Put missing browser icon in ./assets directory.
  3. Add missing workflow config to ./configs/workflow.yml file.
  4. Run make build and install ./build/chrome-bookmarks.alfredworkflow to test changes
  5. Open PR
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