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Align layers by edges and centers in Sketch
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Align Layers

Remapped Dan Eden's "Align Layers" shortcuts in Sketch to be more intuitive for me. This version uses ^ and + the arrow keys to quickly align objects and removes the need to use the shift key. Full commands below:

  • ^ ⌘ ← align left
  • ^ ⌘ → align right
  • ^ ⌘ ↑ align top
  • ^ ⌘ ↓ align bottom
  • ^ ⌘ . align vertical (center)
  • ^ ⌘ / align horizontal (middle)

I made a YouTube video that explains its usefulness and such...

sketch alignment video

animated gif of squares being aligned


  1. Download the plugin repository
  2. Double-click the .sketchplugin file
  3. In Sketch, run the plugin with one of the shortcuts.

Once I learn more about creating Sketch Plugins, I'll update this plugin to include even more useful quick keys...

Mad props to Dan Eden for the original plugin.

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