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Zendesk Jive Migrator

Zendesk Jive Migrator is copying the files from Zendesk Help Center, from the categories you configure to do it.

You have to run the MySQL scripts from help_center_tables.sql to create the tables where categories, section and articles.

To run the script, you need to set the functionyou want to run:

  • migrate - is migrating the files from Zendesk to Jive.
  • clean - clean the MySQL tables, and to delete the documents that exists in a space;


  • Node.js


  1. Clone repository and cd to tile directory

  2. Install dependencies

npm install
  1. Create your own tables from help_center_tables.sql.

  2. Run script:

node migrator.js migrate
  1. You can also set a cronjob to run regularly and and write info.log file with:
5 0 * * * /usr/bin/node /path/to/zendesk-jive-migrator/migrator.js > /path/to/zendesk-jive-migrator/migrator.log


An extra feature is to clean Mysql tables and documents that was created into Jive. It's useful when you make multiple tests.

node migrator.js clean
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