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Simple packaging for RPMSs
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Simple packaging for RPMs ...because not everybody has a lookaside cache.



Clone the repo and place spkg somewhere on your path.

Install some development tools that spkg makes use of

sudo yum install rpmdevtools yum-utils

Got an srpm? spkg init

You can make a build environment from it.

$ spkg init somepackage-0.1-1.el7.src.rpm
New build directory under somepackage-0.1-1.el7.src
$ cd somepackage-0.1-1.el7.src
$ ls -p
checksums  somepackage.spec  sources/

This will import all locally referenced sources to the build environment. Remote sources (referenced by url) will be moved to the rpm SOURCES dir, available for building. Typically these remote sources are binary files, so it makes sense not to keep them under version control. Instead, we create a checksums file with the sha256 sums of all remote sources. This is checked before build operations.

Do yourself a favour and put it the build environment under version control

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit for somepackage"

No srpm? No problem - spkg prep

Grab (or write) a spec file and put it under a directory.

$ ls
$ spkg prep

Any remote sources will be fetched, and the user will be prompted to confirm checksums. Local sources should be manually added to a directory sources.

$ tree .
├── checksums
├── otherpackage.spec
└── sources
    ├── localsource1
    ├── localsource2
    └── localsource3

Enough already, let's build some rpms - spkg build

spkg build That's it. In the background build will trigger any previous steps if it needs to. In an extreme example, it's possible to run spkg build from a file containing only a spec file, and end up with rpms being built.


spkg has been tested on the following platforms:

  • el7 (CentOS)


What's missing?

  • GPG signing hooks
  • Building under mock
  • Testing under other rhel variants
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