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Document the Publication and Compass plugins.

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Pith will incrementally re-build the site as you browse -- that is, if you alter any input files, Pith will regenerate the affected outputs.
+Pith includes a couple of optional "plugins". Actually, "plugin" is a bit strong: they're just plain old Ruby modules that extend Pith's functionality.
+### Publication plugin
+The 'publication' plugin makes it easier to build a weblog using Pith.
+Enable it by requiring it in your "`config.rb`", like so:
+ require "pith/plugins/publication"
+Now you can specify a "published" date/time in the metadata of any pages you consider to be "articles", e.g.
+ ---
+ title: Introducing ShamRack
+ published: 3-July-2009, 15:50
+ ...
+This exposes "`page.published_at`" for use in your templates.
+In addition, "`project.published_inputs`" lists all the pages that have such a timestamp, in order of publication, making it easy to build index pages and XML feeds. Here's a example, used to build the article index for [](
+ %ul.articles
+ - project.published_inputs.reverse.each do |entry|
+ %li
+ %p
+ = link(entry)
+ %span.teaser
+ %span.published_at
+ on
+ = entry.published_at.strftime("%e %b, %Y")
+### Compass plugin
+The Compass plugin gives you the full power of [Compass][compass] in your Sass stylesheets. Enable it by requiring it in your "`config.rb`":
+ require "pith/plugins/compass"
+Note that if you're using Bundler, you'll also need to include the Compass gem in your `Gemfile`.
+ gem "compass"

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