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import zmq
def master(p_range, q_range):
# Setup ZMQ.
context = zmq.Context()
sock = context.socket(zmq.REP)
# Generate the json messages for all computations.
works = generate_works(p_range, q_range)
# How many calculations are expected?
n_total = len(p_range) * len(q_range)
# Loop until all results arrived.
results = []
while len(results) < n_total:
# Receive;
j = sock.recv_json()
# First case: worker says "I'm available". Send him some work.
if j['msg'] == "available":
send_next_work(sock, works)
# Second case: worker says "Here's your result". Store it, say thanks.
elif j['msg'] == "result":
r = j['result']
# Results are all in.
print "=== Results ==="
for r in results:
print r
def generate_works(p_range, q_range):
# We want to span all (p, q) combinations.
for p in p_range:
for q in q_range:
work = { 'p' : p, 'q': q };
print "sending work p=%f, q=%f..." % (p, q)
yield work
def send_next_work(sock, works):
work =
except StopIteration:
# If no more work is available, we still have to reply something.
def send_thanks(sock):
sock.send("") # Nothing more to say actually
if __name__ == "__main__":
p_range = [pow(10, n) for n in xrange(-6, 6)] # All values for the first parameter
q_range = [pow(10, n) for n in xrange(-6, 6)] # All values for the second parameter
master(p_range, q_range)