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import zmq
import subprocess
def slave():
# Setup ZMQ.
context = zmq.Context()
sock = context.socket(zmq.REQ)
sock.connect("tcp://") # IP of master
while True:
# Say we're available.
sock.send_json({ "msg": "available" })
# Retrieve work and run the computation.
work = sock.recv_json()
if work == {}:
p = work['p']
q = work['q']
print "running computation p=%d, q=%d" % (p, q)
result = run_computation(p, q)
# We have a result, let's inform the master about that, and receive the
# "thanks".
sock.send_json({ "msg": "result", "result": result})
# Delegate the hard work to the C++ binary and retrieve its results from the
# standard output.
def run_computation(p, q):
return subprocess.check_output(["./think", str(p), str(q)])
if __name__ == "__main__":