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What shall we watch tonight?

Android App that lists all your movies with (http://www.themoviedb.org/) poster and description.

Also show episode guides (incl. aired dates) for preconfigured TV shows.


  • Using ionic
  • Calls an URL to get a JSON list of all the movies with posters and descriptions.
  • Use cached JSON first to build up the page, than perform XHR for the JSON. When an update is retrieved, highlight the update button, but don't auto update.


following this tutorial: http://learn.ionicframework.com/videos/windows-android/ and install gulp.

  • ionic serve (run in browser)
  • ionic emulate android (run in emulator)


copy icon to \Movienight\platforms\android\ant-build\res\drawable

Deploy to phone

  • plug in phone
  • USB debugging should be enabled
  • run ionic run android

if fails:

  • adb devices -l (should list the device)
  • install driver from emulated CD drive when plugging in the phone (I used Windows 7 64 bit for Windows 8.1)

Using grid: http://learn.ionicframework.com/formulas/using-the-grid/

Compile to APK: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/publishing.html

  • change android:debuggable to false in AndroidManifest.xml
  • run cordova build --release android
  • result in \Movienight\platforms\android\ant-build\CordovaApp-release-unsigned.apk