Bookmarklet that gives Synergy basic support for Chrome.
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The VBS version of the webapplication Synergy (v3.9, for as far as I know) only works on IE 8 natively, or IE > 8 after manually modifying the compatibility settings. This bookmarklet supplies some basic functionality in Chrome (tested) and probably Safari and Firefox too (untested).

Just start up Synergy and run the bookmarklet.


  1. I will assume you use Chrome (tested with 36) for all steps
  2. make a bookmark of the bookmarklet -> see the project page on
  3. log into Synergy
  4. go to Mijn realisaties > wekelijks. This will give a loading screen that doesn't disappear.
  5. click the bookmark, changes should be visible immediately.


What will work

  • Some screens for PSA users (Limited rights users)
  • Submitting hours
  • Saving hours
  • Previous button
  • Next button
  • Delete, edit and save buttons at the end of the hour rows
  • Search for hour code (the infamous F2)
  • In search window: entire row clickable
  • Table on main window narrower
  • Provide debug info by typing in console:
  • When focussing on "Uur/Artikel", prefill PRUUR
  • Automatic loading of this script after a load

What doesn't work (yet)

  • Enable keyboard shortcut: S (save hours)

  • Add vacation

  • Screens for Full Suite users

  • Anything else...

  • add vacation: datepickers

  • log worked hours: datepicker