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Bugs / observations:

  • Strandtest with Neopixel

    • Brightness 255 is fine.
    • Anything below 255 shows spurious pixels, both when black and when LEDs are lit.
    • Doing a colorWipe() at speed 0 results in a lot of glitching, even at brightness 255.
    • So, stable only when brightness is 255 and not wiping too fast.
    • Using 5V signals vs 3.3V signals has no effect on this.
    • Using external power supply is the same.
  • Bug in the setBrightness code perhaps?

  • Blinky with Neopixel

    • Keeping brightness at 255 results in a fair bit of glitching for modes like strobe. Not quite the same glitching as when using strandtest though.
    • Generally animations seem to be a bit choppy.
    • For whatever reason, external power supply is not working with this program. Maybe due to UART problem, or use of WiFi chip?

To try:

  • Disable Serial to see if that helps.
  • Rethink task model -- disable concurrency?
  • Check to see if there is a bug in setBrightness code in Neopixel library.
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