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ESLint Parser/Plugin for MDX, helps you lint all ES syntaxes. Linting code blocks can be enabled with mdx/code-blocks setting too! Work perfectly with eslint-plugin-import, eslint-plugin-prettier or any other eslint plugins. And also can be integrated with remark-lint plugins to lint markdown syntaxes.


VSCode Extension

Visual Studio Marketplace Version

VSCode MDX: Integrates with VSCode ESLint, syntaxes highlighting and error reporting.


This repository is a monorepo managed by Lerna what means we actually publish several packages to npm from same codebase, including:

Package Description Version Peer Dependencies Dependencies
eslint-mdx ESLint Parser for MDX npm David Peer David
eslint-plugin-mdx ESLint Plugin, Configuration and Rules for MDX npm David Peer David


# yarn
yarn add -D eslint-plugin-mdx

# npm
npm i -D eslint-plugin-mdx


If you're using multi languages, js/jsx/ts/tsx/vue, etc for example, you'd better to always use overrides feature of ESLint, because configs may be overridden by following configs.

See #251 for more details.


  1. In your ESLint 8+ config file, just add:

      "extends": ["plugin:mdx/recommended"],
      // optional, if you want to lint code blocks at the same time
      "settings": {
        "mdx/code-blocks": true,
        // optional, if you want to disable language mapper, set it to `false`
        // if you want to override the default language mapper inside, you can provide your own
        "mdx/language-mapper": {}
  2. Make sure ESLint knows to run on .md or .mdx files:

    eslint . --ext js,md,mdx

Parser Options

  1. extensions (string | string[]): eslint-mdx will only resolve .mdx files by default, if you want to resolve other extensions as like .mdx, you can use this option.

  2. markdownExtensions (string | string[]): eslint-mdx will only treat .md files as plain markdown by default, and will lint them via remark plugins. If you want to resolve other extensions as like .md, you can use this option.

  3. ignoreRemarkConfig (boolean): Ignore the remark configuration defined in the project.



possible fixable depends on your remark plugins:

Integration with remark-lint plugins, it will read remark's configuration automatically via cosmiconfig. But .remarkignore will not be respected, you should use .eslintignore instead.

If you want to disable or change severity of some related rules, it won't work by setting rules in eslint config like 'remark-lint-no-duplicate-headings': 0, you should change your remark config instead like following:

  "plugins": [
    // change to error severity, notice `[]` is required
    ["lint-no-duplicate-headings", [2]],
    // disable following plugin
      [0] // or false

Prettier Integration

If you're using remark-lint feature with Prettier both together, you can try remark-preset-prettier which helps you to turn off all rules that are unnecessary or might conflict with Prettier.

  "plugins": [


Detailed changes for each release are documented in