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docs: it usually is used as dev dependency

Travis CI / Travis CI - Branch succeeded Jul 29, 2019 in 58s

Build Passed

The build passed, just like the previous build.


This is a normal build for the master branch. You should be able to reproduce it by checking out the branch locally.

Jobs and Stages

This build only has a single job.
You can use jobs to test against multiple versions of your runtime or dependencies, or to speed up your build.

Build Configuration

Build Option Setting
Language Node.js
Operating System Linux (Trusty)
Node.js Version --lts
Build Configuration
  "os": "linux",
  "dist": "trusty",
  "cache": "yarn",
  "group": "stable",
  "deploy": {
    "true": {
      "branch": "release"
    "email": "",
    "api_key": "$NPM_TOKEN",
    "provider": "npm",
    "skip_cleanup": true
  "script": [
    "set -e",
    "yarn lint",
    "yarn build"
  ".result": "configured",
  "node_js": "--lts",
  "language": "node_js",
  "before_deploy": [
    "set -e",
    "git remote set-url origin https://user:$$TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG.git",
    "git fetch origin master:master",
    "git checkout master",
    "yarn run standard-version -a",
    "git push --follow-tags origin master"
  "before_install": [
    "curl -o- -L | bash",
    "export PATH=\"$HOME/.yarn/bin:$PATH\"",
    "git config --global 'JounQin'",
    "git config --global ''"
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