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noatime: ignore tmpfs and sysfs also

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1 parent 4080da1 commit eb1d3fde1a89f8b49918934f651372d2afc21e6a @mdxp committed Sep 20, 2010
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  1. +2 −2 noatime/recipes/default.rb
4 noatime/recipes/default.rb
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@
bash "enable noatime" do
code <<-EOH
- sed -i -e '/noatime\\|noauto\\|swap\\|proc\\|nfs\\|^#/ !s/defaults\\|remount-ro/&,noatime/g' /etc/fstab
+ sed -i -e '/noatime\\|noauto\\|swap\\|proc\\|sysfs\\|tmpfs\\|devpts\\|nfs\\|^#/ !s/defaults\\|remount-ro/&,noatime/g' /etc/fstab
- only_if "grep -v 'noatime\\|noauto\\|swap\\|proc\\|devpts\\|nfs\\|^#' /etc/fstab"
+ only_if "grep -v 'noatime\\|noauto\\|swap\\|proc\\|sysfs\\|tmpfs\\|devpts\\|nfs\\|^#' /etc/fstab"

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