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+author: Clifford Morehead
+title: "Cultural Change and DevOps"
+There are a number of tools & practices that support DevOps, but an organization's long term success is often bounded by cultural constraints. I'll describe techniques for assessing an organization's cultural supportiveness of DevOPs and share approaches for influencing positive cultural change. Organizations have two major dimensions that determine if change takes hold: the driving force—top-down versus bottom-up — and the constituent focus — externally oriented versus internally oriented. I'll discusses specific tactics you can use to increase the success of DevOps for different organization types and with consideration for different levels of authority within organizations. I'll also give pragmatic advice from the field about what's worked and what hasn't.
+**Speaker:** Clifford Morehead
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-author: David Parmenter
+author: Ellen Walsh
title: Building a fire in the belly of a whale - blowing up the culture at large companies
@@ -25,4 +25,4 @@ Getting the culture right for your org is THE most important thing you have to d
I think this talk would work best as a panel, but it may make sense in other configurations.
-**Speaker:** David Parmenter - development manager at Adobe
+**Speaker:** Ellen Walsh

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