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+author: Pete Cheslock
+title: "DevOps is not a job title. Ok, I lied, maybe it is."
+I've had a love/hate relationship with using DevOps as a job title. In 2010, we called the team I ran the DevOps team, I was their Director, so naturally I was the Director of DevOps. Later I changed it to Dir. of Web Ops to be more in-line with what we were doing, and since there was still much confusion around what DevOps actually means.
+With my recent change, joining the Dyn Ops team, I had an opportunity to choose my title. After some discussion we realized that "DevOps" as a title was the most logical choice.
+I want to chat about the thought process, the current state of the world when it comes to Job Titles (and DevOps in general), and hopefully spark some discussion on why I believe that there is a correct way to use the title, and an incorrect way.
+Pete Cheslock

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