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Website code for the devopsdays website

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This the source of the website It uses webby as a framework:


Get the source

$ git clone

If you use RVM

  • there is an .rvmrc that select ruby-1.8.7
  • and creates a new gemset devopsdays-webby

Get the source

$ git clone

Enter the directory

$ cd devopsdays-webby

Install bundler

$ gem install bundler

Do a bundler install; this will install the necessary gems (see Gemfile)

$ bundle install

If you don't have RVM installed

$ . devopsdays-webby.ENV

$ gem install bundler

$ bundle install

Using it

All interactions are done with the webby command, for this you need to be inside the 'site' directory $ cd site

webby autobuild          # Continuously build the website
webby build              # Build the website
webby rebuild              # Build the website

For more information on how to use webby

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