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icinga-cookbook Build Status


Installs and configures Icinga server.



  • apache2
  • build-essential


See attributes/default.rb

Data Bags

Minimum requirements for users databag format:


Create a users data bag that will contain the users that will be able to log into the Icinga webui. Each user can use htauth with a specified password. Users that should be able to log in should be in the sysadmin group. Example user data bag item:

  "id": "icinga",
  "groups": "sysadmin",
  "htpasswd": "hashed_htpassword",
  "icinga": {
    "icinga_email": ""
  • email - This key must exist for each user with a sysadmin group value
  • htpasswd - Used to have access

The htpasswd must be the hashed value. Get this value with htpasswd:

  % htpasswd -n -s icinga
  New password:
  Re-type new password:

For example use the {SHA}8XLF6eTYQKVTVogqK2RIRrMCshY= value in the data bag.


Also, you will need one node with a "monitoring" role (I applying it to my icinga node, and this can be just a skeleton. This is just so that one of the templates generates correctly, and this requirement will likely be alleviated in future versions.)

Monitoring Role

Create a role to use for the monitoring server. The role name should match the value of the attribute "node['icinga']['server_role']". For example:

  % cat roles/monitoring.rb
  name "monitoring"
  description "Monitoring server"

  % knife role from file monitoring.rb