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Edited Usage to better reflect initial setup requirements for Icinga noob #1

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Just some stuff that I found useful while going through setup. Thanks Marius! You awesome.


Oh, and sorry, that should be "htpasswd", not "htaccess" in the users databag.

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+Some caveats at the moment:
+Minimum requirements for users databag format:
+--htaccess // in order to have access to site through webui
+---email // this key must exist for each user with a sysadmin group value (above)
+Note: the htpasswd value must be generated with: `htpasswd -nb <username> <password>`
+Also, you will need one node with a "monitoring" role (I applying it to my icinga node,
+and this can be just a skeleton. This is just so that one of the templates generates correctly,
+and this requirement will likely be alleviated in future versions.
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