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@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ The Ironfan Homebase repository is the central home for orchestrating your archi
* Your Chef and cloud credentials
* Pantries (collections of cookbooks, roles and so forth)
-To get started with Ironfan, clone the [ironfan-homebase repo]( and follow the [Installation Instructions]( Please file all issues on [Ironfan issues](
+## Getting Started
+To jump right into using Ironfan, follow our [Installation Instructions]( For an explanatory tour, check out our [Hadoop Walkthrough]( Please file all issues on [Ironfan Issues](
## Index
@@ -28,19 +30,3 @@ ironfan-homebase works together with the full Ironfan toolset:
* [ironfan wiki]( High-level documentation and install instructions.
* [ironfan issues]( Bugs or questions and feature requests for *any* part of the Ironfan toolset.
* [ironfan gem docs]( Rdoc docs for Ironfan.
-## Getting started
-Before you start, fork this repo, as you'll be personalizing it for your use.
-Clone the repo and all of its submodules:
- git clone homebase
- cd homebase
- git submodule foreach git checkout master
- git submodule update --init
-Now follow the detailed install notes in [`homebase/notes/`](
-In the Install notes you'll notice the Git clone instructions again, we just want to make sure you're on the right track.

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