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957cf6d @jtimberman Add database cookbook
jtimberman authored
1 maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
2 maintainer_email ""
3 license "Apache 2.0"
4 description "Sets up the database master or slave"
e0f4403 @jtimberman Database and application README updates.
jtimberman authored
5 long_description, ''))
6 version "0.6"
c8bb82b @jtimberman COOK-316, add recipes to metadata for all cookbooks
jtimberman authored
7 recipe "database", "Empty, use one of the other recipes"
8 recipe "database::ebs_backup", "Set up EBS snapshot"
9 recipe "database::ebs_volume", "Configures an EBS volume"
10 recipe "database::master", "Sets up databases and users from an application data bag on the master database server"
11 recipe "databse::snapshot", "Perform an EBS volume snapshot to do backups"
957cf6d @jtimberman Add database cookbook
jtimberman authored
13 %w{ mysql aws xfs }.each do |cb|
14 depends cb
15 end
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