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title: API Reference
description: Explore APIs existing in platformOS
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This section provides API Reference Documentation for the APIs you'll use when developing on platformOS.
## platformOS REST API
The **platformOS REST API** Reference includes:
* Detailed descriptions of calls and parameters
* Example requests with the explanation of different elements
* Example responses with the explanation of different elements
* Detailed descriptions of error codes
## Complete Guide to Liquid Markup
**Liquid** is a template language used in platformOS to build dynamic pages, and to provide dynamic configuration. We have added platformOS-specific filters and tags to make your life easier. Our complete guide to Liquid markup includes:
* Introduction
* Types
* Tags
* Filters
* Whitespace control
* Detailed descriptions of platformOS-specific filters and tags
* Examples for all of the above
## GraphQL API
**GraphQL** is query language used to communicate with our data storages. Our GraphQL API Reference includes:
* Glossary
* Queries
* Mutations
* Objects
* Scalars
* Interfaces
* Enums
* Inputs
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