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title: Contributor Guide
description: Learn about ways to get involved and contribute to platformOS.
slug: community/contributor-guide
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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the platformOS documentation! Our docs are a tool for our community, so we strive to ensure they serve you well. We always welcome any kind of contribution to our documentation: we value your feedback, and appreciate any improvement suggestions or extensions.
## Give us feedback
The quickest way you can contribute is through our feedback panel on the bottom of each documentation page.
<img src="{{ 'images/contributor-guide/feedback_block.png' | asset_url }}" alt="Feedback block" />
There are two ways you can share your opinion with us:
* **Smileys**: Click on the smiley that best represents your experience with the page. We collect this data and learn from it. We improve pages that our community doesn’t find helpful enough, and try to stick to what we did well, if we get positive feedback.
* **Feedback**: Enter a couple of sentences about the page. What did you like? What did you miss? How could we improve it? If you enter your email, we get back to you, and discuss your improvement suggestions.
## Contribute to documentation
**How to contribute**
To contribute to an already existing topic:
1. Navigate to the bottom of the page, and click on the Contribute to this page link.
2. The page opens on Github, and you can contribute to it by editing the original file.
3. Send a pull request.
4. We review your changes, and either get back to you with our feedback, or merge your changes.
To contribute a new topic (e.g. tutorial):
1. Please check if a [template]( is already available for the type of content you’d like to contribute. We have prepared templates for most content on our documentation page, to make contribution easier, and to ensure the consistency of contributed content.
2. Prepare the content and put it in its directory (e.g. get-started/pages).
3. Send a pull request to [our documentation repository on Github](
4. We review your changes, and either get back to you with our feedback, or merge and publish your contributed content.
Our documentation works with continuous integration and continuous deployment, it automatically runs tests, deploys to staging and production. Once done, it sends us a Slack notification.
**Style, formatting and templates**
We expect contributions to our documentation in [Markdown]( format. Please always follow our [style guide](/community/documentation-style-guide) and [templates]( (if available).
## Get in touch
If you have any questions or comments about our docs that you’d like to discuss with us, just get in touch through our [contact form](/contact). We find the best person to reply to you, and get back to you very soon.
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