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title: [TITLE, format: VERBing a(n)/the NOUN(s)]
description: [short description of the topic, can reuse first sentence, max 300 characters]
feedback: false
breadcrumbs: false
slug: doc_templates/template-tutorial
searchable: false
This guide will help you [describe what the user will achieve by the end of the guide]. [Explain goal, domain-related background information, any information that helps understand the purpose or terminology of the tutorial.]
## Requirements
[List of requirements with links (internal or external) and explanations where needed. ]
- [Requirement 1: explanation if applicable]
- [Requirement 2: explanation if applicable]
- [Requirement 3: explanation if applicable]
## Steps
[Purpose of the tutorial/title] is a [number of large steps, e.g. two]-step process:
<div data-autosteps></div>
### Step 1: [VERB the/a(n)/your NOUN]
[Full description of step with additional content, like code snippet, screenshot, etc.]
### Step 2: [VERB the/a(n)/your NOUN]
### Step 3: [VERB the/a(n)/your NOUN]
## Live example and source code
[optional: link to live site or source code on GitHub]
## Troubleshooting
[optional: information on fixing issues related to this topic]
## Additional resources
[optional: bulleted list to additional external resources]
## Next steps
Congratulations! You have [what the user has achieved].
[Describe what the user can/has to do next.]
- [Link to next tutorial]()
- [Other link to next tutorial - if applicable]()
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