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title: Updating the pos-cli
description: This guide will help you update the platformOS pos-cli to the latest version.
slug: get-started/updating-pos-cli
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This guide will help you update the platformOS pos-cli to the latest version. The pos-cli allows you to easily deploy your configuration files and assets to our platform, and communicate with the platformOS API. We continuously improve and add new functionality to the pos-cli, so we recommend to use the latest version.
## Requirements
To be able to update the pos-cli, you have to have it installed on your computer. If you don't have the pos-cli installed, the installation process will automatically install the latest version.
* [Installing the pos-cli](/get-started/installing-pos-cli)
## Steps
Updating the pos-cli is a two-step process:
<div data-autosteps></div>
### Step 1: Update the pos-cli
To update the pos-cli to the latest version, enter:
<pre class="command-line" data-user="user" data-host="host"><code class="language-bash">
npm install -g @platformos/pos-cli
If your node is installed for all users you might need to use `sudo` to install npm packages globally:
<pre class="command-line" data-user="user" data-host="host"><code class="language-bash">
sudo npm install -g @platformos/pos-cli
### Step 2: Check the version number
Use the following command to check the version number of your pos-cli:
<pre class="command-line" data-user="user" data-host="host"><code class="language-bash">
pos-cli -v
Running this command displays the version number of your pos-cli, for example:
<pre class="command-line" data-output="1" data-user="user" data-host="host"><code class="language-bash">
## Next steps
Congratulations! You have updated your pos-cli. You can use it to create your codebase, or to deploy and sync your changes.
* [Creating the Codebase](/get-started/creating-codebase)
* [Deploying and Syncing Changes](/get-started/deploying-syncing-changes)
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