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title: How platformOS Works
description: Get familiar with the key concepts behind platformOS, learn about how it works, and what it can do for your project.
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The topics in this section provide essential background information on the basic concepts behind platformOS, the workflow and tools you need, and the technologies you should be familiar with.
* **About platformOS**: Explore what platformOS is, who it is for, and what benefits it brings to your project.
* **platformOS Workflow**: Learn about the workflow, the tools you'll need, and the directories and files in your codebase.
* **Setup**: An overview of the main steps to setting up your platformOS site — creating an Instance, creating your codebase, and deploying your code.
* **Development Workflow**: The basics for planning your development workflow.
* **Partner Portal**: What is the Partner Portal?
* **pos-cli**: The pos-cli is our command line interface that helps you deploy configuration files and assets to your platformOS site. Learn how to install it and explore the many commands it provides in detail.
* **Codebase**: Learn about the directory structure and files in your codebase.
* **Technologies**: Besides standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, platformOS uses a couple of languages that you need to be familiar with to build a site on our platform.
* **Glossary**: A collection of platformOS-specific terms with links to learn more.
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